The core of democracy is not elections, it is freedom of the press


The relentless attacks by this government on our press is a far more serious danger to our country than people realise. These attacks include:

Repeated references to the Hate media and right wing shock jocks, attempting to delegitimise reasonably argued criticism in opinion pieces in newspapers.

Julia Gillard’s “News Ltd has questions to answer“, referring to British phone hacking investigation, unrelated to Australia.

Ms Gillard’s personal allegedly demanding phone calls to media management (chairman and CEO of News Limited, John Hartigan) relating to coverage of her past affair and legal dealings with an allegedly criminal Union Official.

Claims that Murdoch owns 70% of media when they own only 32% of titles, it is people who chose to buy one of their papers 60% of the times. 

Now the unnecessary and dangerous Media Inquiry chaired by Ray Finkelstein, QC, flirting with regulation, licensing and fit-and-properperson test for proprietors – decided by whom, on what criteria.

The ex-judge Finkelstein sending a letter to editors, impudently asking them to explain to what extent “you subscribe to the view that the press has social responsibilities.

Why is this frightening? Because this is the road toward authoritarian non-democratic state. You say – c’mon that’s being over-dramatic. But you don’t have to have absence of elections or people being shot in the square to be deprived of democracy. You only need to be mislead into voting for the wrong party, for example by government propaganda or by undue influence by a political party over the media.  Intimidation of opposition parties, legal restriction of opposition parties, prosecution of opponents for trumped up charged during election time – all these are the tools of non-democratic governments. But unless you really have totalitarian regime with tanks in the streets, all of these can thrive only if they are hidden from the bulk of the population by compliant media.

The core of democracy is not elections, it is freedom of the press.

Under the communists in Czechoslovakia, we had multiple parties and elections, but no free press – it was government controlled and was very “socially responsible”. We did not have democracy.


Murdoch negative press on Labor is in agreement with Gillard’s own assessment Labor ‘lost it’s way”.

There is no problem with Murdoch press. It is dominant because more people chose to read the 35% of the titles it owns. There have been an unprecedented series of Governmental failures by Labor and thus the Murdoch press media has reported an unprecedented number of negative reports about Labor. Where is the problem.  In fact, the Murdoch media’s predominant criticism of the government over the past 4 years is in agreement with Labor government’s own assessment that it had lost it’s way when Gillard knifed their first term Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. What is wrong with that. The country’s worst government ever gets predominantly bad press. Where is the problem?

As the Government’s People Smuggler Policy fails, Labor’s hypocrisy is breathtaking


There were just four people in immigration detention when the Howard Government was voted out of office in 2007.  One of the first things Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard did was to weaken the Howard government’s border protection scheme and precipitate the current and increasing flow of people smugglers’ vessels.

The Rudd/Gillard Government was warned three months after it came to power that closing Nauru detention centre would cause a jump in people smuggling to Australia. More than 12,000 people have arrived by boat since then – and more than 400 are estimated to have died.

Even drawing the longest bow, it’s obvious who is responsible for regenerating the people smuggling business and the loss of life. And it’s not Tony Abbott.

THE arrival of two more boatloads of asylum-seekers at Christmas Island has turned an already fiery political debate over offshore processing into a conflagration of blame.

Dennis Shanahan in the Australian writes:  “Julia Gillard is in no doubt that Tony Abbott is to blame for the arrival of the latest boats and will be to blame for every extra arrival.  Hold on ….. wasn’t it Gillard and Rudd who changed John Howard’s policy that opened the door for people smugglers?”

Read the full opinion piece here:

As two new boats arrive, Labor calls Tony Abbott a friend to people-smugglers

Julia Gillard attacks the Coalition for opposing its Malaysia Solution following the arrival of two new asylum-seeker boats.
Picture: Kym Smith, Source: The Australian

JULIA Gillard has blamed Tony Abbott for the arrival of two new asylum-seeker boats, saying his refusal to back her Malaysian Solution made him responsible for the unauthorised vessels and all others that would follow.

With Australia’s border protection system still in limbo, the Prime Minister today urged Mr Abbott to rethink his position and support the government amendments to put offshore processing beyond doubt.

Read more from The Australian here:


LABOR’S Poison Pills in the Carbon Tax

Prior to the 2010 Federal Election, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan publicly and strenuously denied that the Labor Government would be bringing in a carbon tax:  a tax that the majority of Australians oppose and didn’t vote for.  Gillard and Swan have broken their promises to the Australian people. Unless a new election is called and this Government is defeated before July 2012 – Australia will have a carbon tax.  Australians have never witnessed such defiant and brazen actions by a Government, and they’re concerned and angry.

The Carbon (Dioxide) Tax won’t do anything to change the climate, stop floods, droughts or sea levels rising.  But it will make Australia less competitive internationally, hurt business and cost jobs – while doing almost nothing to reduce global greenhouse gases.  The tax is not a ‘market based solution’ as Combet and Gillard often call it.  It’s a tax that puts our economy under pressure.  And it will do nothing to change the temperature of the planet or change the climate.

There are 19 pieces of legislation with 963 pages (1100 including addendums) – that will push costs up throughout Australia.  Australians now have 5 days to make representations opposing the carbon tax.

The Gillard/Greens Government is putting Australian jobs at risk.  It’s unbelievable that Labor back benchers, who stand to be wiped out at the next Federal election, support the inevidable increase in the cost of living, making Australian manufacturing less competitive and giving international competitors an advantage.

We are still waiting for Julia Gillard to name the 500 biggest ‘polluters’ – companies that are the biggest employers of Australians.

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Is 2UE’s Michael Smith a Casualty of the Government’s Media Threats?

Write What I'm Told


BROADCASTER Michael Smith has taken Fairfax Radio to court, accusing radio station 2UE of planning to sack him for his political beliefs.

Smith was suspended by the Sydney station earlier this month after he tried to air an interview with a former union official claiming allegedly fraudulent conduct by a former boyfriend of Julia Gillard.

It’s understood he will contest his expected dismissal under the Fair Work Act, alleging he has been victimised over his political beliefs.

Read more here:


Sign a petition in support of Michael Smith:

Please make the time to phone 2UE General Manager Tim McDermott on 02 9930 9490 and send him an email at to tell him that this is unacceptable. 2UE must realise that they answer to their listeners!


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‘Our’ ABC finally asks: Why are we so out of touch with Australians?

Richard Glover asks in today’s opinion piece (my added [] ):

Can someone explain to me why [the vast majority of] people hate Julia Gillard with such intensity? What exactly has she done?

Mr Glover asks a valid question for anyone who has just returned from a space voyage, or, of course, anyone working at ‘our’ ABC. To give Mr Glover credit, (and I used to like his show), he is at least acknowledging, in his signature  ironic flippant way, Australians’ judgment on this government and wondering why his own judgment is so different.

So lets help out Richard to understand.

1. She incorrectly guessed the attitude of the High Court. When the Malaysian ”solution” emerged, many said it was immoral but few predicted it would be illegal.

Wrong. DFAT advised against it on legal grounds and she ignored them, UNHCR knew it was not complying with our treaty obligations (Lateline 1st Sept 2011), as their Richard Towle indicated to Tony Jones. Ms Gillard  attacked personally one of the judges to divert blame and finally most Australians knew, as you concede …that it was immoral. Now if you don’t know why Australians might have contempt for a PM who makes immoral policies, against all advice and against her own party platform, then that’s another matter entirely.

2. “she’s allowed Bob Brown to determine the government’s policy, in particular the introduction of a carbon tax”

Wrong. Ms Gillard herself admitted she could have formed government without being forced into a carbon tax. She also need not have caved in to the Greens at all – they had nowhere else to go – you think  they would have supported Tony Abbott? Finally she gave her word, she could have insisted deferring it until after an election or have a plebiscite. There is no excuse for breaking this key election promise and 75% of Australians know this and have responded accordingly.

3. “carbon tax might also prove good policy….”

Wrong. You think it will change the climate one bit? You think it will shame other countries into damaging their economies? You think it is called for in the first place with new peer reviewed studies steadily discrediting the alarmist science interpretations? You think the biggest and only industry-wide tax in the world will bring us export advantage? You thing abating 75% of our CO2 by spending $560 billion on Nigerian or other 3rd world offsets will benefit our children one bit? You think ‘Clean Energy Future’ is anything other than a rent-seeking mindless slogan? And finally, you think a tax and subsidies rather than genuine commercial advantage will bring in a new industrial revolution?

4. it [carbon tax] was the joint policy of both parties

Wrong. Coalition agreed to Carbon Trading subject to a global trading agreement at Copenhagen. Since then it is clear to all except green fanatics and the army or rent-seekers that the big emitters are happy to pretend to believe, so they can sell offsets and green technology to the starry eyed Europeans, but won’t damage their own economies with serious carbon price.

5. Of course she looks daft when she defends Thomson… she should tell him to resign, people say

Wrong. No she does not look daft, on Craig Thomson she looks dishonest, immoral, someone who places her political skin above morality, above her own party’s interests and those of Australians she is supposed to represent. She had to be forced to remove him from the finance committee – immoral. She could acknowledge that if he did the deeds, they would be immoral and she could distance herself from him – but as she is immoral herself, she does not. Australians don’t like immoral public figures – bad example for their children.

6. Successful politicians lead from the front but not by such a distance that they find themselves separated from the pack.

Getting warm but still wrong. Gillard is not too far ahead, not too far behind, she nowhere. She is not a leader, she is just an incompetentincompetent and incompetent self-serving manager. Every company has them – middle managers promoted above their competence who spend their whole time in office politics rather than working, self-promoting while shafting good productive people, just to survive. She is on planet Gillard, a world of perpetual spin, lies, union corruption and thuggery and intrigue, where policies only exist to pay off allies and projects only exist to serve Ms Gillard. Australians are there only to serve her ambitions, just like unionists are there only to provide money and power for (many) union leaders. Update: Oh, and Kevin Rudd, lest we forget, was the pioneer of this type of incompetence.

7. While arguments can be had over ”push” and ”pull” factors, the new policy seemed to attract more arrivals.

Wrong.  Spin can be had over push factors but not real argument, as you virtually concede yourself. There is clear evidence from numbers of arrivals and people smugglers themselves that they know and respond to our refugee policies. Gillard and her immigration department have publicly announced this – 600 per month if we don’t have an off shore policy. Which part of this do you want to ‘argue’?

8. People despise her so personally and splenetically when so many of her actions have been a response to events outside her control.

Oh, so wrong. They are all self-inflicted wounds, be she arrogantly denies what we can all see. The hung parliament, Thomson, boats, High Court – they could all have been handled infinitely better by someone competent.

But Richard, you forgot to mention some other tiny details – I know the’re easy to slip one’s mind, like knifing Rudd in the first term and these few policy, management, waste and integrity debacles, that need a spreadsheet to keep track of:


Latest ABC spin? Lets have some affectionate fun with the PM.

The ABC is making fun of a Labor politician and this government?  A satirical program on someone other than from the right? Quick where is the Emergency Stop button? And for God’s sake someone call Tony Jones to re-run Mark Riley’s Tony Abbott  “shit happens” segment before anyone notices.

Or…has the ABC had a change of heart and started complying with their charter for balanced content? Poking fun at an incompetent Labor PM?

Yes, maybe the ABC did make a hard hitting satirical criticism of her policies and bravely ignored angry calls from the PM to try to suppress it.


This may be a bit of harmless fun at Ms Gillard’s expense, but I have to cynically wonder if it is not also a more sophisticated type of spin, the latest seal-deprecating funny Julia.

Most Australians by now can’t stand Julia Gillard; they have stopped listening to her. So how to make people take notice of her again? I know. Lets go for pathos, for self-deprecating humour by a stand in comedian. Lets show her human vulnerable soft side. A well meaning victim of the Greens and independents.

After all, it’s difficult to remain angry at someone you are laughing at.

So lets look at the reviewer’s response:

“The show poked affectionate fun at the PM, who came across as conscientious and well-meaning.”

Wow. Affectionate, conscientious and well meaning – all in the same sentence with the PM.

And the comments on that review?

“Even though I am no Labor fan this program actually made me feel sorry for Julia.”

“The cameo by Craig McLachlan captured the heart of this program. This is Neighbours goes to Canberra.”

“…she is our Prime Minister and should not be portrayed like this as it is very disrespectfull to her and the position”

“best bit of show, julia drinking out of a cup with Keven 07 on front side. She spits drink back grumbeling BITTER.”

“To everyone who thinks Julia is the first “victim” of political satire ”

“I really like Julia – so was ready to be outraged and hate this – but was pleasantly surprised. It was very well done and I thought it successfully make fun of politics without necessarily disrespecting the players.”

Yep, this is a softening of Julia Gillard’s image by portraying her as ‘well meaning’ and getting us to ‘affectionately’ laugh with her at the expense of other people.

By all means lets have a laugh. But lets first get rid of this most incompetent government in our history and only then we can all have a laugh about it.  I don’t believe there is one well meaning or affectionate bone in Ms Gillard’s body. She has shown willingness to attack everybody, blame anyone, destroy her own Labor party, our economy, and stubbornly defy majority people’s wishes for her own political survival.

I don’t believe she deserves even the honor of being lampooned.  It will be interesting to see what happens to her personal approval rating.

Remember all the members of this worst Government in our history

We tend to vote for a Prime Minister and then only see her and her Ministers in the news. So you could be forgiven for  thinking that this God awful government is made up of just Julia Gillard, Craig Thomson, Chris Bowen and Anthony Albanese, kept on life support by a clutch of independents.

But there are many more responsible. In fact there are 72 in the House of Representatives and 31 in the Senate. I though it important to list them all for us all to remember the members of the the worst government in our history.

In fact here is a pdf list of Labor Ministers that have made up this disastrous Labor government. People whose ineptitude, arrogance and waste will be legendary for time immemorial. People who damaged Australian industries for no reason, sneered at angry Australian voters as of no consequence and made Australia’s foreign policy a laughing stock in our neighborhood. A party whose implosion shook the very foundations of our democracy, testing our citizen’s right to respected peaceful protest, the resolve of our freedom of the press and our (High Court’s) separation of powers.

These are the people you entrusted to look after Australia first and themselves second.

People who betrayed you so completely.

Remember their faces and names.

And below are the names of all the other Labor parliamentarians including backbenchers.

Print it here and take it to your next election booth. If they are on the list, never vote for them again.

Why? Surely there are good men in this party.

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Labor Underbelly: How far can Labor sink?

Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is now down to the “I don’t remember’ defense, as she claims both she and her then chief of staff Mr Hubbard do not remember the call by him to the industrial registrar about Thomson in early 2009 – before [or even after] the fraud allegations were made public … because it was ‘unremarkable’.  Right, a call about an impeding [or just revealed] public revelation of fraud allegations against a sitting Labor MP, was ‘unremarkable’? We are to believe this? If so, then, is corruption in Labor MPs a typical daily unremarkable occurrence? Or just the misuse of Union funds? Are we complete idiots?


And now, “..police have confirmed a shovel was placed outside the Melbourne home of Health Services Union national secretary Kathy Jackson”.

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Julia Gillard ‘young and naive’ when involved in $1 Million Union fraud case in 2007

Why on earth is Julia Gillard committing political suicide by unconditional support for Craig Thomson? Why would she not distance herself from this corruption? She behaves as someone beholden to factors unknown to us.

Writes Andrew Bolt: This is not the first time Julia Gillard has been embarrassed by a unionist allegedly misusing union funds. From 2007:

JULIA Gillard has revealed she fell in love with a former union official and fraudster who broke her heart and threatened to destroy her political career.

Ms Gillard, 46, who is poised to become Deputy Prime Minister if Labor wins office in two weeks, yesterday confirmed she was a union lawyer when she met the conman. As a solicitor acting on instructions, she set up an association later used by her then lover, Bruce Morton Wilson, to defraud the Australian Workers Union.

But she has strenuously denied ever knowing how the association bank accounts were used. “These matters happened between 12 and 15 years ago,” Ms Gillard told the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday. “I was young and naive. I was in a relationship which I ended and obviously it was all very distressing. “I am by no means the first person to find out that someone close turns out to be different to what you had believed them to be. It’s an ordinary human error. “I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrongdoing. I didn’t do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing….”

A lawyer in her early 30s with the Melbourne Labor firm, Slater & Gordon at the time of the fraud, Ms Gillard acted for the AWU. She met Wilson, who was then the West Australian AWU secretary, while representing the union in the Industrial Relations Commission. Wilson later moved to Melbourne, to become Victorian secretary… Now hundreds of pages of new documents have been leaked, detailing the extent of Wilson’s fraud. The con, used by Wilson to cream off possibly more than a million dollars of union funds, was simple and backed by standover tactics.

Mr Bolt does not link to some more detailed research of the issue of Ms Gillard’s lack of judgment by an ex-policeman at

“Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal over $1,000,000 from the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and helping him spend the money on such things as her personal home renovations and dresses.

Julia Gillard has never denied helping him rip off the $1,000,000 plus dollars, what she has done is denied doing it knowingly. Her part was helping set up an account called the “AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account” and possibly other accounts that the money was laundered through when she was a lawyer working for Slater and Gordon who were the solicitors representing the Australian Workers Union.

The allegations against Julia Gillard were initially raised in the Victorian Parliament in 1995”.

There are links to issues raised in the Victorian Parliament as to her judgment and questions of her professional conduct at the time, such as her relationship as a lawyer with a client. I disagree with the title of the blog, and I stress again that there is no evidence or indeed even any allegation of any illegal activity by Ms Julia Gillard.

The author of this research nevertheless asks a number of interesting questions. Questions regarding her morals and judgment, which she defends with an argument that beggars belief:  “I was young and naive …” what, in her early 30’s working as a lawyer for the assertive litigation firm Slater & Gordon?  And did she as a lawyer have a sexual affair with a client?  If she did, is this professional conduct? If so, would she have left the law firm of her own accord? Who else might have been involved and to whom might she be indebted?

UPDATE: Michael Smith of 2UE and Andrew Bolt appear to run with the kangaroocourtofaustralia.

UPDATE2: Original picture trimmed to remove a teddy bear in her lap, which some people took an objection to. I suspect it’s in the eye of the beholder, but no point in distracting from the message.