Labor ruthless dictators but for the glass cage of democracy

James Button, one of Rudd’s speech writers for 7 months writes of Kevin Rudd in The Age:

The truth is, Rudd was impossible to work with. He regularly treated his staff, public servants and backbenchers with rudeness and contempt. He was vindictive, intervening to deny people appointments or preselections, often based on grudges that went back years.

He made crushing demands on his staff, and when they laboured through the night to meet those demands, they received no thanks, and often the work was not used. People who dared stand up to him were put in “the freezer” and not consulted or spoken to for months. The prodigious loyalty of his staff to him was mostly not repaid. He put them down behind their backs. He seemed to feel that everyone was always letting him down. In meetings, as I saw, he could emanate a kind of icy rage that was as mysterious as it was disturbing.

Why can’t people see that Rudd is the quintessential personality of a ruthless narcissistic dictator. Button’s description could be that of the court of Saddam Hussein or Josef Stalin minus the killing, but that is only for want of a mechanism to ‘re-educate’ or ‘remove’ enemies of the dictator and thus enemies of the people.

What should be terrifying Australians is that Rudd (and Gillard for that matter), bursting with entitlement to rule through narcissistic megalomania and utter shamelessness respectively, are potential ruthless murderous dictators, held back only by their inability to remove fast enough, the all too delicate shackles of democratic processes. But how strong are these restraint? How well do Australians understand them and value them. I have met young people not only ignorant of the mechanisms of democracy but openly contemptuous  of democracy – an autocracy (by their choice of benevolent leader) would at least get things done. The madness of utter ignorance.

At the very least, Labor is working towards running Australia like a union. And look at how democratically unions are run or want to be run – disdain of secret ballots, backroom deals, standover men, intimidation of members and rampant corruption – just like the communist regimes. Australians should elect leaders and politicians who truly believe in democracy and will fight for it.

Ask yourself, if this leader was given the option of ruling without an effective free parliament and without effective elections. Would he decline it and destroy such a process in the name of democracy, or would he grab it and rule in a corrupted regime. I know what Rudd and Gillard would do. I am not sure what Abbott would do, but that is probably the best one can expect.

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