Union brawl at the TAU – The Australia Union

Having suspended blogging in November to reclaim my life and my work, Labor’s amazing suicide demands a relapse.

The Election Now shop, however has lived on, and enjoys steady patronage.

Democracy requires more that just elections every 3 years – under communism, we had elections a plenty. You need viable alternatives, decent people with decent ideas to choose from  and you need at least two parties to preserve keen competition.

So even as a Liberal voter, I am angry…for Labor. How low has this mighty Labor party fallen. How dare these pathetic men destroy a great Australian institution, which has served Australia for a hundred years with men like Hawke and Keating, whom many disagreed with, but who commanded respect. There is no joy in seeing Labor disintegrate – Australia needs two able alternative governments, two parties to compete and therefore come up with best in governance.

But this Labor party, consisting of union officials, union thugs and their lawyers, has apparently mistaken Australia for one great big union. They have descended into the usual union brawls over their ill gotten spoils, the hateful self-interested factional in-fighting, the ego wars, the massive profligacy with its members dues, the secret deals amongst faceless men, the corruption, the intimidation of members and businesses. And all the while wearing the thinnest veneer of morality in pretending to be representing their member’s interests.  Craig Thompson was an angel compared to his colleagues. And all the while, the host businesses and Australia of course go bust. Unions leaders are the only parasites who, having less intelligence that a malaria larva, happily destroy the host they occupy.  And so they are doing to Australia and their own party.

Where can we expect Australia to end up over the next 17 months?  Fights on the steps of Parliament? Horses heads in MP’s beds? The violence and anarchy of the building industry unions spread nationwide?

The media and the public are being seduced into a popularity contest between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. It’s like arguing which of Goerring or Himmler were more popular. Both are flawed sociopathic people, Rudd for being a deluded narcissistic emperor and Gillard for being an incompetent shameless liar.  Don’t fall for the anyone but Abbott meme. Pity Tony Abbott and the LNP adults who will struggle a decade to clean up the mess Labor made in just 4 years.


Word-clouds generated by the Herald Sun’s call to readers 23 Feb 2012.

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