LABOR’S Poison Pills in the Carbon Tax

Prior to the 2010 Federal Election, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan publicly and strenuously denied that the Labor Government would be bringing in a carbon tax:  a tax that the majority of Australians oppose and didn’t vote for.  Gillard and Swan have broken their promises to the Australian people. Unless a new election is called and this Government is defeated before July 2012 – Australia will have a carbon tax.  Australians have never witnessed such defiant and brazen actions by a Government, and they’re concerned and angry.

The Carbon (Dioxide) Tax won’t do anything to change the climate, stop floods, droughts or sea levels rising.  But it will make Australia less competitive internationally, hurt business and cost jobs – while doing almost nothing to reduce global greenhouse gases.  The tax is not a ‘market based solution’ as Combet and Gillard often call it.  It’s a tax that puts our economy under pressure.  And it will do nothing to change the temperature of the planet or change the climate.

There are 19 pieces of legislation with 963 pages (1100 including addendums) – that will push costs up throughout Australia.  Australians now have 5 days to make representations opposing the carbon tax.

The Gillard/Greens Government is putting Australian jobs at risk.  It’s unbelievable that Labor back benchers, who stand to be wiped out at the next Federal election, support the inevidable increase in the cost of living, making Australian manufacturing less competitive and giving international competitors an advantage.

We are still waiting for Julia Gillard to name the 500 biggest ‘polluters’ – companies that are the biggest employers of Australians.

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3 thoughts on “LABOR’S Poison Pills in the Carbon Tax

  1. should be helping the country not trying to destroy it but theres no comeback on them maybe thats the problem who knows but we are a DEMOCRACY are we not

  2. This is Treason and it will destroy our once great country, but ever since this witch came into power EVERYTHING has gone up and once this Carbon TAX is introduced good luck to us all, we will be on the road of third world countrydoom…..

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