Reporter fired for investigating the PM’s past? Venezuela? Russia? Iran? No, Australia.

2UE broadcaster Michael Smith’s future hangs [in the] balance over union funds claims.

Image Source: The Daily Telegraph

THE future of 2UE afternoon presenter Michael Smith hangs in the balance as he meets Fairfax Media management today.

The broadcaster’s future was thrown into doubt when he battled 2UE management to air an interview with Bob Kernohan, former president of the Australian Workers Union, alleging misappropriation of union funds.

Smith was suspended from broadcasting last week as 2UE vowed to investigate the claims in the interview….

Email 2UE here.

I wrote: “2UE has been vocal in rightful criticism of bad government policies and deserves support. I hope they don’t ruin their reputation by being seen as the first media to silence a voice under political intimidation.”

The Labor Government has two choices: become competent or make the press stop exposing their incompetence. Labor and the Greens have made their choice abundantly clear.

Once a government subjugates the press, there is nothing they can’t get away with, including corruption, intimidation and even rigging elections. Free press is the only thing standing between a government serving the people and people serving the government.

Do you doubt for a second that this Labor-Green government would kill democracy in Australia to hold power if they could? Labor because union style thuggery is their nature, Greens because only they know what’s best for us and the planet. Remember this when you next have the privilege to vote.

5 thoughts on “Reporter fired for investigating the PM’s past? Venezuela? Russia? Iran? No, Australia.

  1. Dear Readers

    There is a petition now online to save Michael Smith from being sacked at 2UE.

    One significant signer, No 1231 was from the one and only Mr Bob Kernohan. He writes:

    “Michael Smith recorded 3 interviews with me at the 2UE Fairfax Studios in Sydney. Michael did nothing wrong. The 2UE management had expressed no opposition to Michael’s comments that he made on air. I should know, l was there. If they move to dismiss Michael, l believe it will result in a very high profile unfair dismissal claim. Should this happen, l have assured Michael that he will have my full support, and will be available to give evidence to support. Please support this petition. Spread the Word. Bob K ”


  2. I’ve had enough of this socialist Brown/Gillard Government. We can’t afford to sit on our hands and be complacent. Michael Smith and Glenn Milne are the first casualties of this spiteful Government. Even Media Watch disagrees with the media crackdown because they know once a Liberal Government is in power in Canberra, they could face the same fate as Smith and Milne. It’s important for the sake of free speech to sign the petition and email 2UE.

  3. Just a part of the continuing unfolding of the New World Order. No sovereign nations, no free speech against what they are doing, just toe the line and be good sheeple. Good-bye freedoms of every kind, loss of private property, wealth of the people. All being handed over willingly to the Elite.

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