Remember all the members of this worst Government in our history

We tend to vote for a Prime Minister and then only see her and her Ministers in the news. So you could be forgiven for  thinking that this God awful government is made up of just Julia Gillard, Craig Thomson, Chris Bowen and Anthony Albanese, kept on life support by a clutch of independents.

But there are many more responsible. In fact there are 72 in the House of Representatives and 31 in the Senate. I though it important to list them all for us all to remember the members of the the worst government in our history.

In fact here is a pdf list of Labor Ministers that have made up this disastrous Labor government. People whose ineptitude, arrogance and waste will be legendary for time immemorial. People who damaged Australian industries for no reason, sneered at angry Australian voters as of no consequence and made Australia’s foreign policy a laughing stock in our neighborhood. A party whose implosion shook the very foundations of our democracy, testing our citizen’s right to respected peaceful protest, the resolve of our freedom of the press and our (High Court’s) separation of powers.

These are the people you entrusted to look after Australia first and themselves second.

People who betrayed you so completely.

Remember their faces and names.

And below are the names of all the other Labor parliamentarians including backbenchers.

Print it here and take it to your next election booth. If they are on the list, never vote for them again.

Why? Surely there are good men in this party.

Because they all remained silent, when Julia Gillard and her henchmen trashed Australia for their own egos and brought underworld union culture into the heart of our democracy. They each owned a seat essential to Gillard’s power. They each had a nuclear weapon, a right of veto over every policy. But they stayed silent.

They all laid down with Craig Thomson in the brothel, they all shouted down the phone at our free press, they all intimidated the independence of our legal system and they all told angry ordinary Australians they are of no consequence.

We need at least two strong center parties for democracy to work in Australia. We need competition for ideas, for competency and integrity. We need to have alternatives when a government looses it’s way. We need a strong Labor party with moral and intellectual integrity to compete with the LNP. All these people have failed that test.

So far…


Australian Labor Party – MP’s

Ada, Dick,  – Lyons
Albanese, Anthony,  – Grayndler
Bird, Sharon,  – Cunningham
Bowen, Chris,  – McMahon
Bradbury, David,  – Lindsay
Brodtmann, Gai,  – Canberra
Burke, Anna,  – Chisholm
Burke, Tony,  – Watson
Butler, Mark,  – Port Adelaide
Byrne, Anthony,  – Holt
Champion, Nick,  – Wakefield
Cheeseman, Darren,  – Corangamite
Clare, Jason,  – Blaxland
Collins, Julie,  – Franklin
Combet, Greg,  – Charlton
Crean, Simon,  – Hotham
Danby, Michael,  – Melbourne Ports
D’Ath, s Yvette,  – Petrie
Dreyfus, Mark,  – Isaacs
Elliot, Justine,  – Richmond
Ellis, Kate,  – Adelaide
Emerson, Dr Craig,  – Rankin
Ferguson, Laurie,  – Werriwa
Ferguson, Martin,  – Batman
Fitzgibbon, Joel,  – Hunter
Garrett, Peter,  – Kingsford Smith
Georganas, Steve,  – Hindmarsh
Gibbons, Steve,  – Bendigo
Gillard, Julia,  – Lalor
Gray, Gary,  – Brand
Grierson, Sharon,  – Newcastle
Griffin, Alan,  – Bruce
Hall, Jill,  – Shortland
Hayes, Chris,  – Fowler
Husic, Ed,  – Chifley
Jenkins, Harry,  – Scullin
Jones, Stephen,  – Throsby
Kelly, Dr Mike,  – Eden-Monaro
King, Catherine,  – Ballarat
Leigh, Dr Andrew,  – Fraser
Livermore, Kirsten,  – Capricornia
Lyons, Geoff,  – Bass
Macklin, Jenny,  – Jagajaga
Marles, Richard,  – Corio
McClelland, Robert,  – Barton
Melham, Daryl,  – Banks
Mitchell, Rob,  – McEwen
Murphy, John,  – Reid
Neumann, Shayne,  – Blair
O’Connor, Brendan,  – Gorton
O’Neill, Deb,  – Robertson
Owens, Julie,  – Parramatta
Parke, Melissa,  – Fremantle
Perrett, Graham,  – Moreton
Plibersek, Tanya,  – Sydney
Ripoll, Bernie,  – Oxley
Rishworth, Amanda,  – Kingston
Rowland, Michelle,  – Greenway
Roxon, Nicola,  – Gellibrand
Rudd, Kevin,  – Griffith
Saffin, Janelle,  – Page
Shorten, Bill,  – Maribyrnong
Sidebottom, Sid,  – Braddon
Smith, Stephen,  – Perth
Smyth, Laura,  – La Trobe
Snowdon, Warren,  – Lingiari
Swan, Wayne,  – Lilley
Symon, Mike,  – Deakin
Thoon, Craig,  – Dobell
Thoon, Kelvin,  – Wills
Vamvakinou, Maria,  – Calwell
Zappia, Tony,  – Makin

Australian Labor Party – Senators

Arbib, Mark – New South Wales
Bilyk, Catryna – Tasmania
Bishop, Mark – Western Australia
Brown, Carol – Tasmania
Cameron, Doug – New South Wales
Carr, the Hon Kim – Victoria
Collins, the Hon Jacinta – Victoria
Conroy, the Hon Stephen – Victoria
Crossin, Trish – Northern Territory
Evans, the Hon Christopher – Western Australia
Farrell, the Hon Don – South Australia
Faulkner, the Hon John – New South Wales
Feeney, the Hon David – Victoria
Furner, Mark – Queensland
Gallacher, Alex – South Australia
Hogg, the Hon John – Queensland
Ludwig, the Hon Joe – Queensland
Lundy, the Hon Kate – Australian Capital Territory
McEwen, Anne – South Australia
McLucas, the Hon Jan – Queensland
Marshall, Gavin – Victoria
Moore, Claire – Queensland
Polley, Helen – Tasmania
Pratt, Louise – Western Australia
Sherry, the Hon Nick – Tasmania
Singh, the Hon Lisa – Tasmania
Stephens, the Hon Ursula – New South Wales
Sterle, Glenn – Western Australia
Thistlethwaite, Matt – New South Wales
Urquhart, Anne – Tasmania
Wong, the Hon Penny – South Australia

Update:  Corrected Mark to Athnony Albanese in first paragraph with apologies.

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  1. Hey- I certainly didn’t vote for any of these people, I didn’t entrust anything to them! they are scum

    • MichaelC58: Geoff, yes, I guess you’re right. Only less than half of us did, though I admit even I did not think they would be this incompetent and arrogant, and thus I feel betrayed nevertheless.

  2. You idiots are non-political!!!!? What absolute rubbish – you are so bigoted I doubt if the old One Nation would want you as members. Do some research instead of taking your cues from the shock-jocks, fools you are.

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