Kelly: Doubts increase about Tony Abbott’s economic grasp? – no, say commenters

The Gillard Government’s plan to defend their indefensible performance and integrity is through one of the political left’s favorite weapons: relativism.

Labor can no longer hide their incompetence (pink bats, BER), their backflips (East Timor, cattle trade, super tax) , their lies (….well, you all know them)  and insane policies (Carbon Tax, NBN). So instead, they ‘project’ these onto Tony Abbott to make him seem relatively just as bad: (1) he is economically/scientifically incompetent, (2) he changes his mind all the time (e.g. allegedly on climate), (3) he is untrustworthy (unless scripted), (4) he has no policies. Most PM go years without mentioning the opposition leader’s name, this PM can’t answer a question without relating it to Abbott.

Paul Kelly weighs in to promote the government’s mantra #1 in The Australian – the “Abbott is economically incompetent” mantra in relation to Abbott’s recent address to the Committee for Economics Development: Read on.

11 thoughts on “Kelly: Doubts increase about Tony Abbott’s economic grasp? – no, say commenters

  1. “Most PM go years without mentioning the opposition leader’s name, this PM can’t answer a question without relating it to Abbott”

    Very understandable when you examine her history. The “great negotiator” “trained lawyer” “champion of the people” instinctively adopts the tactics of the intellectually challenged clique she leads, when challenged.

    When you cannot rise above your opponent in a reasoned debate due to the paucity of your arguments, then attack the opponents character, gender, hobbies and family. Used by every megalomaniac since recorded history began.

    The tactic used to work when the audience were unsophisticated (Keatings sprays spring to mind) but I would hope is being seen through more and more as the audience are becoming more educated and aware.

    With the exception of course of the ABC where the labor drones have even less intelligence that the proverbial (Bees) drone dick has width.

  2. I suspect this point and many others are now moot.

    The clock for the gillard implosion, started as the knife entered Rudds back has now reached a minute to midnight.

    With nary a whiff of credibility left, thanks to the High Court, back benchers waxing pale and “tommos” droppings littering the floor, gillard is now the proverbial “shiver searching for a spine to run up”.

    This will not of course an election make, but as the keystone of the arch falls so will the “independents” self preservation instincts kick in.

    Its over for gillard and the labor party.

    (Capitalization or the lack of, intended)

  3. Maybe i am stupid or something but why do politicians and the media carry on about what could be called capitalist or socialist fundamentalism. If either is such a good idea then lets become a failed state (this is capitalism at its purist) warlords have capital and control everything or socialist everyone gets the same wage expected to work and own nothing personally. Everything is a case by case basis. Australia has a healthcare system in my opinion in the top few in the world and of course is basically socialist as in the services provided. Our free trade approach for the most part is very good for this country. So just giving these 2 examples of thousands what exactly is the media talking about? On the arguement about Tony Abbot we would be better off now if our previous 2 prime ministers were unconscious and could not make any decisions, the bad decisions were worse than no decisions at all. So the chance Tony Abbott could be worse about anything is so remote.

  4. Having read your submission paper, I am confused as to what you are aiming for.

    It seems you are not fully aware that the majority of people are opposed to this tax for one or more of the following reasons.

    (A) Primarily because the incumbent leader of the Govt. (note I specify incumbent, as this will change dramatically shortly) believes she can ride out the distaste of the electorate at a blatant lie (no govt of mine will introduce a carbon tax) by
    (1)simply ignoring the distaste
    (2)using the schoolyard tactic of
    “they did it too” and pointing in
    all directions
    (3)Totally ignoring the fact that this
    lie encouraged enough people to vote
    for her and labor to get to the stage
    where she could form a minority govt.

    The electorate simply wont buy that she is acting in “good faith”. They believe it is a payoff to the Greens for services rendered by Brandt.

    This is only partially true. It is a payoff, but also straight out Socialist dogma and desire that she has been spouting for years, its a redistribution of wealth.

    Aneurin Bevan, a socialist welsh labor leader of the 40s and 50s (credited with Britains failing National Health scheme) was also as outlined in The Queens Speech he gave in the house of Commons a radical leftist who advocated the redistribution of wealth by whatever means available.

    Gillard has fashioned her entire career (down to the deceit and lies) on this man.

    (B)It is GLARINGLY obvious to the electorate that no amount of taxing, trading in certificates, closing of coal mines, etc etc ad nauseaum will make one iota of difference to global warming in the short term or in centuries. In the meantime they are not stupid enough to believe that taking money from one of your pockets and replacing it in the other pocket (somewhat lighter on change) is any deal at all.

    They see the Euro in trouble, this govt a total WOFTAM full of oxygen thieves who could not organize sex in a whore house and who squandered and continue to squander taxpayer monies as if it was water.

    They see the Greens social Engineering hand in this fabrication and want no part of it.

    (C)Extremism in Aust. polotics has never been well received and the electorate is totally over being dictated to by gillard et al.

    With these factors in mind, may I respectfully suggest submissions are all well and good, but in light of the fact that the Carbon Tax will never see the light of day (given the above…and remember, it may be believed that T. Abbott has been exceedingly vocal…but you havnt seen anything yet) all the arguments for and against this tax fail on one major point.

    The Australian Public do not want it, will not accept it and will remove any Govt that tries to force unwelcome legislation on them.

    Gillards other troubles are simply excaberting the matter. She and Labor will go…and soon.

  5. Aneurin

    I would be surprised if you disagree with anything as my suggestions are good for all and save money. Note the main economic suggestion requires market intervention otherwise it would have happened already.

    There are 4 main things I am aiming for.
    1. No Carbon Tax as it has no benefits
    2. Major economic gains by my standard which is only in the billions of dollars per year by changing vehicle fuel use from oil to natural gas which is about half the price and the benefits of enhanced energy security.
    3. Reduced pollution as in particulate and photo-chemical with an added benefit of keeping those who think CO2 is a concern happy.
    4. Stop the spiraling debt of our federal government.
    Of course removal of the current government would be good and the more pressure the better regardless of what type so long as it is kept civil and above the PMs standard of insults.

  6. Also doing other things but have to write to the audience.

    Alternate National Anthem for a while.

    Australians don’t be too depressed
    For Labor won’t last long,
    We’ve still got soil and some wealth left
    Our home is girt by sea
    Our land abounds in natures gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare
    In history’s page forget this stage
    Advance Australia fair

    In tearful strains then let us sing
    Advance Australia fair

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
    We’ll vote with hearts and hands
    To change this government of ours
    Removed from all the lands
    For those who’ve come across the seas
    We’ve boundless plains to share
    With courage all let us combine
    To remove Labor now

    In tearful strains then let us sing
    Advance Australian Fair

  7. “And so it begins – Needles and Pins”

    “The government is fully behind Julia Gillard,” Mr Albanese said.

    Historically, once the affirmations of support start, its time to leave the steps of the Forum Julius and watch carefully for Brutus.

    “et tu Antonio?”

  8. @kelly liddle:
    ” above the PMs standard of insults.”

    Interesting statement. BTW I do agree with most of your stated aims but more to the point I have great regard for those who are prepared to do something, as you have done, to change the wrong you perceive.

    Which brings me back to your insults comment.

    Gillard, like most other labor politicians speaks a language that is tailored for their parliamentary peers. Lets call it canberraise.

    Canberraise, is understood by the speakers to consist of rhetoric, hyperbole (ask gillard how to pronounce that…) BS, obscurefation and excuse me …straight horse puckey.They expect this, they return it and the lesser mortals (read electors) are assumed to think this is clever politicians at work.

    “Jokes” are either of the “in” variety peculiar to labor hacks or grossly offensive to many people, “convoy of no consequence”.

    This is considered “in” and “cool” (to regress 40 years).Mainly used by those who are still at 50 getting over their pre grad wonder that they no longer can be told that “children should be seen and not heard”.

    Which is why gillards insults are either obscure or make her look foolish to the bulk of the population.

    On the other hand you have the insults of the “comment writing trolls”. Adhering to a script issued by one of the slightly better educated and more literate rusted on labor supporters (remember with labor approval at less than 27% of the popular polls, they are represented by an inordinate quantity of “comment trolls” on most comment sites.

    We must exclude the ABC here for it is well shown that the majority of them gather there as if they were rodents mainly to reassure their fragile psyche’s that they are not alone.

    Their posts bear a remarkable similarity, same content, same insulting remarks against their opponents, same syntax, same vowel usage, same noun distribution rate etc etc.

    How do I know this you ask? Well a piece of very clever software that measures these factors as well as using Chi-square distribution to provide a very precise statistical analysis is available and used by myself and others to “out” these clowns.

    The output is in graph (graphical) form and simply gives the game away on:

    One poster 5 different niks
    Various posters same script
    or a combination of both.

    Sadly I cannot post the graphical output here. I can however if the Admin of this site wishes it provide the software for his verification that I am not like gillard “full of it”.

    The point of all this? Most insults, slanders, accusations by the left are co-ordinated and posted by the drones using multiple niks and scripts provided by their higher echelons who don’t speak the common mans language well enough to even try.

  9. Thank you to the site Admin for the opportunity to comment in this Blog. I appreciate the courtesy.

    Im of to, as Peter Harvey used to say…Canbrrrrraaa in some urgency.

    The dogs are barking and the Bards cry regarding Havoc has been heard.

    Monday after lunch I am reliably informed will spell it all out for Australia.

    Just a small tip from a pensioner, I see it as a confused mess that some call crud.

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