Labor Underbelly: How far can Labor sink?

Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is now down to the “I don’t remember’ defense, as she claims both she and her then chief of staff Mr Hubbard do not remember the call by him to the industrial registrar about Thomson in early 2009 – before [or even after] the fraud allegations were made public … because it was ‘unremarkable’.  Right, a call about an impeding [or just revealed] public revelation of fraud allegations against a sitting Labor MP, was ‘unremarkable’? We are to believe this? If so, then, is corruption in Labor MPs a typical daily unremarkable occurrence? Or just the misuse of Union funds? Are we complete idiots?


And now, “..police have confirmed a shovel was placed outside the Melbourne home of Health Services Union national secretary Kathy Jackson”.

Climate scientist’s rude emails? That’s not a death threat….this is a death threat !

No doubt, Ms Gillard will tell us,  some poor guy simply forgot his shovel lent up against this lady’s house. Perhaps the guy that used Craig Thomson’s credit card. Of course, I don’t expect that someone in this Labor government authorised this thuggish union intimidation. More likely is that some out of control union thug overreached.

But is it relevant that 70% of the Labor front bench is or was ex-union heavies. That “Party figures are furious that Ms Jackson had chosen to refer the Thomson affair to the police.” Was there effective incitement to violence by ‘Labor figures’ when they are reported to be threatening the honest union official:

Labor figures in Victoria threatened recriminations against the trade union at the centre of the affair. Sources told The Age that they were looking at ways to punish the Hospital Services Union after the decision by its national secretary, Kathy Jackson, to provide assistance to a NSW police inquiry into allegations against Mr Thomson.

Whoever did this, it is absolutely disgusting, frightening and unacceptable in our democracy that such brazen (likely) union thuggery and intimidation of a witness should be returning to our country, arguably thanks to this government’s reinstatement of union power.

It was Mr Combet who said very boldly in 2006:

“They reckon we [the ACTU] used to run the country a while back … I reckon it wouldn’t be bad if we did run it.”
Greg Combet, ACTU secretary

Well, they are now, and how is it all working out for us?

Just one example: Building site and other union thuggery, stand over tactics and fraud, with which Julia Gillard herself was embroiled, unknowingly according to her,  was  something so corrupt and widespread as revealed in the Cole Royal Commission , so as to necessitate the Howard government to create the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC) with powers greater than  those of police in a desperate effort to rout out the illegal thuggery on building site. This is the commissioner whose powers the unions and Labor and the Greens are now eroding. This is the future to which this Labor government is taking us.

How far can Labor sink?

Every Labor MP who continues to remain silent is now complicit.

Today, all Labor MP’s are Craig Thomsons.

How far can it trash the office of the Prime Minister and the Crown?

It’s Time…

Update: Labor attacks that phone call was after allegations were public.

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  2. My main comment is that so far as i can remember and i am 37 no prime minister has ever insulted me directly as has been done by this one so she should not be surprised if she has lost respect. The insult i am refering to is being called a denier as an Anthropogenic CO2 induced Global Warming sceptic. Of course there are others doing this not only the prime minister and they should apologise also. Yes election is prefered but they will hang on like pit bull to stay in power. To those more interested in my opinions i would encourage you to read or skim through my submission to the Clean Energy Legislation (carbon tax). It can be found at

  3. Kelly, a very sensible and comprehensive document. These are strange times we get – hysterical childish policies from the government and balanced grown up submissions from the public at large.

    Two comments:
    1. If Prof M.Salby of Macquarie Uni is right, most of the CO2 rise in the atmosphere may even not be human and may be due to delayed venting from warmer seas.

    2. Solar sunspots and their magnetic influence is probably much more important on our climate than you indicate. Note recent CLOUD experiment results supporting (though not proving) Svensmark’s theory of cosmic ray influence on clouds.

    • Admin

      My personal opinion and my brothers is that the exact influences of anything have not been worked out to any large degree of certainty. For example which was not put in our submission the fact that if you live below the Tropic of Capricorn then you would be aware that the change of energy values of the potential solar irradiation (or sunlight directed towards us) from winter to summer is in excess of 100% where as temperature change is way below that, less than 10% using degrees kelvin of course. This suggests that there are strong dampening effects and a small value in energy change is unlikely to lead to a large change in temperature (although technically not impossible as it depends what the energy does and we can’t prove it). So all the theories should be given simular weightings not 99% weighting for CO2 and 1% for any other possible reasons. Thanks for reading our submission and feel free to quote anything.

  4. Just get rid of the bi***. [snip – appreciate your conciseness, but language please….Admin]

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