Julia Gillard ‘young and naive’ when involved in $1 Million Union fraud case in 2007

Why on earth is Julia Gillard committing political suicide by unconditional support for Craig Thomson? Why would she not distance herself from this corruption? She behaves as someone beholden to factors unknown to us.

Writes Andrew Bolt: This is not the first time Julia Gillard has been embarrassed by a unionist allegedly misusing union funds. From 2007:

JULIA Gillard has revealed she fell in love with a former union official and fraudster who broke her heart and threatened to destroy her political career.

Ms Gillard, 46, who is poised to become Deputy Prime Minister if Labor wins office in two weeks, yesterday confirmed she was a union lawyer when she met the conman. As a solicitor acting on instructions, she set up an association later used by her then lover, Bruce Morton Wilson, to defraud the Australian Workers Union.

But she has strenuously denied ever knowing how the association bank accounts were used. “These matters happened between 12 and 15 years ago,” Ms Gillard told the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday. “I was young and naive. I was in a relationship which I ended and obviously it was all very distressing. “I am by no means the first person to find out that someone close turns out to be different to what you had believed them to be. It’s an ordinary human error. “I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrongdoing. I didn’t do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing….”

A lawyer in her early 30s with the Melbourne Labor firm, Slater & Gordon at the time of the fraud, Ms Gillard acted for the AWU. She met Wilson, who was then the West Australian AWU secretary, while representing the union in the Industrial Relations Commission. Wilson later moved to Melbourne, to become Victorian secretary… Now hundreds of pages of new documents have been leaked, detailing the extent of Wilson’s fraud. The con, used by Wilson to cream off possibly more than a million dollars of union funds, was simple and backed by standover tactics.

Mr Bolt does not link to some more detailed research of the issue of Ms Gillard’s lack of judgment by an ex-policeman at www.kangaroocourtofaustralia.com:

“Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal over $1,000,000 from the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and helping him spend the money on such things as her personal home renovations and dresses.

Julia Gillard has never denied helping him rip off the $1,000,000 plus dollars, what she has done is denied doing it knowingly. Her part was helping set up an account called the “AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account” and possibly other accounts that the money was laundered through when she was a lawyer working for Slater and Gordon who were the solicitors representing the Australian Workers Union.

The allegations against Julia Gillard were initially raised in the Victorian Parliament in 1995”.

There are links to issues raised in the Victorian Parliament as to her judgment and questions of her professional conduct at the time, such as her relationship as a lawyer with a client. I disagree with the title of the blog, and I stress again that there is no evidence or indeed even any allegation of any illegal activity by Ms Julia Gillard.

The author of this research nevertheless asks a number of interesting questions. Questions regarding her morals and judgment, which she defends with an argument that beggars belief:  “I was young and naive …” what, in her early 30’s working as a lawyer for the assertive litigation firm Slater & Gordon?  And did she as a lawyer have a sexual affair with a client?  If she did, is this professional conduct? If so, would she have left the law firm of her own accord? Who else might have been involved and to whom might she be indebted?

UPDATE: Michael Smith of 2UE and Andrew Bolt appear to run with the kangaroocourtofaustralia.

UPDATE2: Original picture trimmed to remove a teddy bear in her lap, which some people took an objection to. I suspect it’s in the eye of the beholder, but no point in distracting from the message.

55 thoughts on “Julia Gillard ‘young and naive’ when involved in $1 Million Union fraud case in 2007

  1. ‘young and naive’ – yet a full partner at Slater & Gordon? It’s interesting that Slater & Gordon and Gillard parted very soon after this blew up.

  2. The only difference is she is not young anymore. Yet she gives her gushing full confidence to Thomson as she Wilson.

  3. Interesting she has “Lawyered Up” with the Australian. Maybe like Conroy she will learn you cant close down the web and sites like “The Wayback Machine”. The story is all there.

  4. Yes, and I heard Andrew Bolt on Ben Fordham’s program today on 2GB say that he thought “Julia Gillard was one of Australia’s best PM’s and is doing a great job!” (he didn’t sound very convincing though)

    • This is amazing and sounds as if he has been got at. Does anyone have a link to the Ben Fordham program? I can’t find it on the web.

  5. The Australian silenced, 2UE silenced, now ABolt silenced. This is getting frightening. Where are we, the USSR or Australia? Isn’t there anyone in Labor who will do the decent thing and step down from their seat and bring on an election?

  6. She was working as a solicitor (partner) and was living with a bloke that was flush with cash but didn’t ask him any questions because she was young and naive? Is she serious?

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  8. I firmly believe that we need a fresh election. However, I think it is a shame that you have diminished the value of your (our) argument with the silly picture that you have attached to this article.

    • Whats really silly are the many voters who will still to vote for Labor despite their appalling record.

  9. Still some remnants. Here is Glenn Milnes story in 2007 complete with shots of the bank records. Sadly the $17,000.00 that Wilson (under oath) stated he spent on a “female friend” does not appear to be listed.

    An amount of $67,000.00 odd to Slater and Gordon for ? is shown.

    These documents like the Victorian Hansard report which criticizes Gillard are on the public record.


    It aint over (whatever the witch thinks) till the fat lady sings.

  10. That picture depicting Gillard dressed as a schoolgirl with a teddy bear in a particularly sexual position is disgusting. Is this what this website is all about? Sexualising the young? You people are fucking disgusting.

    • You’re right. We should have had a photo of some of the young ladies which Craig Thomson’s credit card paid for. I think for $100,000 of Union funds – they must be pretty hot. You gotta hand it to Labor pollys – they sure know how to party. Even their lackeys like Christine Nixon – know how to take care of themselves when the going gets rough.

    • Its quite alright @DC. The Teddys name is Wilson (cute hey!)and hes a very generous bear from WA with two houses, two! (imagine that) and great taste in womens clothing stores.
      So you see its ALL perfectly innocent. Anybody who even thinks otherwise is wrong.
      “Wilson” is just a “young and naive bear” with his hand in the “honey pot” (again)

  11. We need more young and naive politicians like Gillard like we need cane toads in our backyard.

    • Did you manage to find the missing financials of Craig too? Or for that matter, Henry Bolte’s blood sample that went missing when he was pulled over for drink driving? Hmmm…… and so the list increases!

      • Now thats wrong Dwayne.

        You know very well that poor old “Tommos” documents are likely in the care, custody and control of one Gordon Nuttal. You can get to him care of :
        Qld Corrective Services
        Queen Street

        A rather upmarket abode for “retired” Labor political hacks.

  12. DC and Vic, I didn’t see this picture in any sexual way and that was certainly not my intention – I might be getting too old!

    I take time to make these pictures to lighten up this otherwise very dreary and depressing topic, but if people are offended, I don;t want to distract from the message and I will happily modify the picture. I thank those commenters for the feedback.


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  14. This is the ABCs rather pathetic attempt to “cover” this matter.


    However, to clear all this up , all Gillard needs to do is.

    Just confirm publicly that:

    (A) You did not live at 85 Kent Street Fitzroy Melbourne Victoria with Wilson, nor did that premises undergo renovation using cash payments to contractors.

    (B) You were never in receipt of gifts of clothing (sourced from a business known as Town Mode) and or similar businesses as is stated in Hansard in the Victorian Parliament


    (C) You did NOT handle the Cheque for $67,722.00 paid to Slater and Gordon in March 2003 which finalised the settlement of the Fitzroy purchase.
    Considering it appears it was from AWU funds out of the proceeds of a cheque made to the AWU from Theiss Constructions in the amount of $25,272.00 to Acct No. 005-1000-2590 (CBC), an account called AWU Workplace Relations Assistance Inc. it was clearly AWU funds.
    Even if as it appears this account (A) was tipped into account (B), as the solicitor representing the AWU, (the AOR if you like) you should or would have known of this transaction, regardless of the source.

    Did you handle the matter?

    (D) That the appointment of Cambridge to the NSW Industrial Relations Court was purely coincidental after he had sworn on oath that he believed the information in (C) supra was true and correct etc.

    Just a concerned citizen

    • Dear Pensioner

      Your post here has details which are far more “precise”and possibly very deadly to Prime Minister Gillard than l have seen anywhere on the internet. You have much more detailed knowledge here. Where did it come from? Can it be verified?

      • @Guardianangel
        Pensioner is currently in Canberra on unspecified business. I have texted him in regard to your enquiry and expect he will reply here shortly.

        Knowing Pensioner, I am prepared to state categorically that I would believe that he would have total proof of any statement he makes or has made.

      • @Guardianangel:
        If you look a post or two down I replied to your question in part when replying on Pensioners behalf to another poster.
        However this from Pensioner, by email to me, specifically addressed to you. 😉


        Yes Guardianangel it can be verified as I have hard copies. 99.99% of my information is from documents or matters in the public domain. Finding them is the problem for many I think.

        I can and will, if I can find a place to post the scans and or links, make them available to whoever wants them.


      • @Shane Dowling:
        Pensioner has emailed me this. Understandably I think he is loath to use his current web connection to comment.
        Yes S Dowling is correct it was the 18th of March 1993. The deposit of $23,000.00 was paid to the vendor on the 13th of February.

        Where I have said “Workplace Relations Assistance” it may be “Welfare” not “Assistance”.

        I would be happy to provide copies of all I have if there is anywhere to post the scans of the documentation. It all ties in with Kernohans Stat Dec at Castlemain Police Station
        where he specifically mentions Shorten amongst others.


      • As the agent you would have known who or what entiity actually was buying this property. Can you tell us? Who inspected in? Was the home to be used by one or two people etc
        Can you give more details?

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  16. “Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir!”

    Its all here in Bolts “explanation”


    As the Brits would say, “Rupert has lost his bottle”.

    Intimidation of the press has consistently been an identifying feature of totalitarian governments and it appears it is now a weapon of an increasingly megalomaniac Prime Minister.

    Julia “I can call anybody” Gillards behavior is steadily approaching the stage where it is increasingly obvious that she has something to hide.

    To paraphrase a favourite slogan of those such as her who increasingly curtail what little liberty is left in Australia, either by bad legislation or by threatening legal action.

    “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear”

    So now we have a demonstrable liar (not in a govt I lead,etc) of a Prime Minister intimidating by threat of legal action and very possibly broad hints of an “inquiry”, a major newspaper into silence.

    She has something to fear.

    News, if they had any of Ruperts “Lost Bottle” would have invited her to issue writs for personal defamation and then have her examined under oath.

    This issue will not go away. It will remain as a stinking albatross around the labor party’s neck for years to come.

    It will remain on Google for years to come.

    It will remain, through access to public documents and court records for years to come.

    It will remain despite all the efforts of a (putative revisionist)prime minister to rewrite history.

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