Labor’s long list Failures – Listed and Categorised

It is easy to become numb to the constant stream of failures, senselessness and stupidity to which our Gillard-led Labor government subjects our poor country. What’s one more closed down industry, one more boat drowning, one more senseless tax hike to pay for waste, after so many.

Lest we forget, we will gradually timeline, list, classify and catalogue the long list of Labor’s failures for us all to remember and realise why this Labor / Green coalition indeed is the worst government in our history amd why we would like an early election:

Look on the LABOR FAILURES and remember. (Updated 24.5.12)


Download PDF here.


16 thoughts on “Labor’s long list Failures – Listed and Categorised

  1. Add this one too to the list. Before the Queensland Flood levy tax was in parliament, the government set up a website to reep millions of donations. They later they passed a law to make “again” tax payers, pay for the fuel levy tax. Double dipping I say.

    I havn’t got to Myki or the wastful desalinsation plant for Victoria (behind schedule, typical). More millions to be lost.

    Where can I get a copy of this list?

  2. I don’t see any mention of
    1. the cuts to Better Access to Mental health scheme (
    2. the introduction of the nation-wide curriculum and blanket testing (
    3. the recent crisis for nurses (

    There are yet more catastrophes in the making with this government. thanks for your list. It would be more search-engine friendly if it was put into a HTML table, please let me know if you want some help putting that up.

    • Thanks Nicolas, I will get in touch.
      I don’t know enough about these three issues – I will need to read up.
      The Nurses one, on first reading seems a State issue, not Federal Government – is that right?

  3. A Few more for your list
    Craig Thompson Affair
    Gillard Kernohan Affair
    Media Enquiry – witchhunt
    Eductaion Revolution billboards breaching electoral law
    Flood levy – Government fails to properly manage its infrastructure.
    $40Billion surplus turned into $220Bn Debt
    Water buyback disaster
    GFC Bank Guarantee results in pensioners mutual funds being locked up for years
    Means testing of private health rebate (promised they would not do this)
    Set top boxes for pensioners (rorted)
    Enough for now

  4. OMG, I forgot a huge one – The complete mishandling of the QANTAS dispute resulting in the shutdown of Australias main airline in order to get arbitration.

  5. Can i get that excel file of failures? i some to add as well and want to print up a list for the next election

  6. LOL… That would only be a quarter of the list of Coalition failures. I suggest you read more policy analysis and less News Corp

  7. The person that compiled that list needs to read up on the actual facts!.
    It’s rubbish!.

  8. $40billion surplus turned into a $220billion debt Bob? Just as well we didn’t have a global financial crisis then because it might have been more

  9. I realy am happy with the labor outcome. It’s about time the Aussie public were made aware of who & what the ALP is.. I always thought that the Australian Labor Party stood for the working people as they use the word LABOR in there title, but in reality they taxed all the factories to death & put us all out to pasture. It seems to me that they are purposely creating more poor people so as to gain more votes for themselves. I guess that would work for a while but only until people get tired of not having a job &/or any income. Don’t Foxtel allready have a cable rolled out? Why didn’t the government allow Foxtel to put up there cable for free for lets say 10 years & then charge them rent. That way we would have got the roll out for free & after 10 years made a quid ourselves off it. Not to mention use it for ourselves also. Boy these people are dumb! Maybe i should run. It is going to be a very long time until the ALP are voted in again if ever!

    • Yes, why don’t you run – LNP really needs people with your stoneage level of
      technical knowledge – you an TAbbott could compare notes

  10. Now one of Gillard’s manifesto’s for the 2013 election is Education. What happened to the Education Revolution??

  11. Getting rid of the ALP at the election won’t solve all these problems or eliminate corruption and waste. We need to change the SYSTEM.

    The only way we can do that is to put the power into the hands of the People, not the political parties. The 2-party system has proved time and again that political parties do not care for the needs of the people.

    We can change this by amending Section 128 of the Constitution to give We the People the right to initiate referendums to amend the Constitution. This video explains why we need to change and how we can do it:

  12. Right, I get it. You’re the rabid right Ditch the Witch ratbags, a vitriolic hessian bag of pension bludgers if ever there was one.

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