Grocery Watch $4m Waste

Promise: In 2007 election campaign Rudd said he was going to bring down grocery prices: “When families fill up their baskets and trolleys at the local supermarket, they should not have to worry if they are getting a raw deal by inflated grocery prices. Under Federal Labour, the ACCC will be directed to publish a periodic survey of grocery prices at supermarkets for a typical shopping basket, including family staples like biscuits, bread and milk.”

Delivered: Grocery Watch – a complete flop. After investing more than $4 million in the creation of the Grocery Watch website, the Government has pulled the plug on the election promise in June 2009. Minister Craig Emerson, concluded it was impossible to generate reliable, timely data to allow consumers to make meaningful comparisons and wanted supermarket chains to run an industry website, presumably to police its own gauging of customers.

From a subsequent Inquiry into the GROCERYchoice Website:

Recommendation 8
The committee recommends that the Government learn from this episode of waste and mismanagement


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