Why is the world’s middle class turning left

.The world’s middle classes appear to be are increasingly turning left and green. Greens,are increasingly supported by wealthy middle class instead of hair-shirt hippies despite their increasing obvious watermelonness, i.e. green on outside and red underneath. That is a question that woke me up today.

I can only assume it is because of an increasing sense of dissatisfaction with their purposeless uber-free consumerist existence. I recommend you watch the BBC series ‘The Men who made us Spend’.  Around the 20’s, the marketing industry changed us from purchasing for need to purchasing for want, and our want, unlike our need, is easily manipulated by advertising and social pressure, thus hey presto, consumerist society. In the 1970’s they peeled children away from parental control and made them into the ideal impulsive consumers, and in the nineties, they got adults to release their inner child, and made them into child-like impulsive consumers, in the process infantilising our society.

But our wants are primarily narcissistic and the internet social media has just put narcissism on steroids. We work to get luxury lifestyle, buy luxury goods, experience luxury services and about half of us, make luxury children.in luxury schools. We are free, free from responsibilities for our health, our welfare, our parents, increasingly our children, and free from social groups and moral obligations. But this freedom also means we become without purpose. There is no personal tyranny to fight, no personal real injustice. So we invent sleights against us, perceive unjust inequalities at work, in wealth, sexism, racism, bullying or in desperation just simply borrow causes, such as saving polar bears.

But we are largely alone in our luxury and freedom, and without a existential or moral purpose. Politically, on the political right is more consumerism, spiritually, religion is increasingly hard to believe, hypocritical, irrelevant not having moved with the times and now child molesting. Socially, family is disintegrated, nationalism has been vilified since WWII, leaving intact only minority cultural groupings.

So where to go for purpose, for moral sustenance, for company?

The only place is the moral green movement and the moral left, preaching against consumerism and capitalism, from the comfort of your favorite fair trade Starbucks cafe. Joining is easy, costless, and socially rewarding and safe, thanks to the left’s aggressive projection of their brand onto the population in the form of political correctness, and their vilification of any competing moralities.

Except that the left and the greens are serious about destroying our pluralist western capitalist society and installing totalitarianism, the latter because of course, people may not be happy with their luxuries and freedom, but they are even more unhappy without them. And to borrow a phrase, our free capitalist society is the worst system, except for all the others – it may benefit from modification, but not destruction.

What to do to turn around the leftward march towards misanthropic totalitarianism.

Well, I don’t know now, but I will give it some thought for a few days and return.

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