13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

How silly to hitch his wagon to catastrophic AGW after the wheels fell off it, with these 13 straw man arguments.
But wait, at the very end…!
Point 13: :”I’m not claiming it’s going to be some sort of a catastrophe…”
What ???
So Veritasium is actually a luke warmist, but reluctant to advertise it.

He is backing away from the decades of IPCC scaremongering to justify the spending of trillions: 100 Million climate refugees by 2010, seas rising meters, island countries disappearing, droughts, floods killing millions, only a few years to act before too late.

So nothing to worry about – it’s just that it’s cheaper to act now. But all estimates of future climate adaptation are far smaller than the national debt we are leaving to our children. They would be far better off is we reduce the spiraling debt first.

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