The ABC folks are just ‘educating’ us

SHOWPIECE ABC news and current affairs programs are failing to pull strong audiences, ­according to ratings data released in response to senate estimates committee questioning. 

The ABC has long lost touch with the mainstream public, but to them the public has lost touch with them. Why? To fix the ABC, we must first understand it.

The ABC staff don’t hide that they see their mission as ‘civilizing’ and educating Australia, something that most of the population would not pay for and thus commercial networks will never deliver.

They are partly right in this.
And indeed I do want to see informative docos and quality programs free of ads.

Consequently, as an educator, the ABC sees its duty to not necessarily reflect public opinion, but to correct and create the right public opinion.

Their duty is not just present news, but to present it in a way to help viewers derive the correct meaning from the news.

Their duty is not to present both sides of a debates regardless of right and wrong, but to favor the correct side of the debate so as not to mislead the public that the wrong side has equal weight.

Their duty is not even to present the truth, if knowing the truth may cause harm to the population, but to present the issue in a responsible way, even if it involves bending the truth.

Their duty is also to counteract the relentless pressure of commercial interests via advertising, via influence on commercial media and by government lobbyists, with the pure public spiritedness of the ABC.

Finally, their responsibility is to educate the Australian public to elect ‘responsible’ caring governments, ones not beholden to capitalist greed and, of course, governments who will safeguard the ABC’s critical mission.

You see?
They are not evil, they are just helping us.

The problem of course is that, they are a cabal of raving lunatic leftists.

So, as leftists and unlike conservatives, they believe that they have the ultimate truth. They believe that their audience needs to be convinced of the truth, that once all see the truth, society will be better for it and thus any opposing views are evil. I.e. they are benevolent totalitarians.

Root cause?
University capture by ‘never grew up’ leftist academics and self selection of benevolent ‘service to society’ types into journalism.

The solution?
These ABC people can’t change. You can’t make them say what they believe is wrong and evil.

Maybe restructure, spill all positions halve the budget and start again.

Maybe remove all news and current affairs from the ABC and contract them to commercial stations. Then we just have to watch climate catastrophism and their eco-totalitarianism.

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