Tony Abbott – perceptive comment on attempt to break up UK

“What the Scots do is a matter for the Scots and not for a moment do I presume to tell Scottish voters which way they should vote,” Mr Abbott said.

“As a friend of Britain, as an observer from afar, it’s hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland.

“I think that the people who would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom are not the friends of justice, the friends of freedom, and the countries that would cheer at the prospect … are not the countries whose company one would like to keep.”

You should see the vitriol against Abbott on the ABC story comments – too stupid or biased to understand even the simpler concepts of Abbott’s thoughtful analysis.

Firstly, unlike the leftist useful idiots, Abbott has a global perspective of liberal West vs illiberal East and Asia (like it or not, lefties, it’s a simple ¬†fact). In this context, those wanting to divide the western countries into ever smaller and weaker countries are ‘no friends of freedom’ in weakening what remains of western liberal countries.

Secondly, there was significant bullying by the Yes campaigners – people and business were saying they were afraid to oppose it – and the poll result certainly supports this. This was not a good way to start a free country.

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