Gillard’s three wars against Australians

Julia Gillard is quite the warrior…against her own country.

  • She has started Class Warfare – against the rich
  • She started Race Warfare – with a race riot against Abbott
  • She started Gender Warfare – against all men and particularly Abbott.

Gillard will destroy all our social capital and harmony to stay in power. Economic damage we can repair quickly , social dysharmony seeded by her may take longer.

One thought on “Gillard’s three wars against Australians

  1. This is unfortunately very true and judging by tweets shown on Q and A and comments left on Blogs and newspaper articles, plenty fell and are continuing to fall for these tactics aimed at taking the public eye off the real ball that this rabble keeps dropping.

    It must be of great disappointment for the Labour Party to see the divisions they worked so hard to create and spent so much time wet nursing now dissolving as the country becomes steadily united in its determination to rid itself of this festering sore of a government.

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