Inquiry into Media

We do indeed need an inquiry into the media – how they came to be such apologist for one side of politics, come what may. Why are 90% of journalists lefties? I think because they are mid-level undergraduate intellectuals.

I guess there are three levels of intellectualism:

1. Instinctual – act on simple selfish and fundamental fairness principles – help deserving, don’t help bludgers, they themselves are deserving. Want Abbot to stop boats, Gillard for more benefits. These swinging voters.

2. Late intellectuals – see wrongness / unfairness & simply want to fix it. Sugar is bad – so ban big soft drink bottles, refugees-looking people want to come here – let them. Trees are good – ban logging / backburning. Capitalism has corruption – fight capitalism. Moral capital and status substitutes for material wealth. There are leftists – stuck in undergraduate politics and not mature / responsible enough to consider how their efforts will end.

3. Deeper intellectuals – See wrong / unfairness, want to fix it, but consider practicality, efficacy and unintended consequences. Tough love of NT intervention and work for dole, if media regulation, who regulates the regulator, stop boat queue jumpers, if not capitalism/America – what will replace it? These are mature graduated adults and conservatives.

The solution to leftist bias is to educate journalist and the population – to consider more the results and not just intention.

Julia Gillard set up ‘work safety’ entity that was a slush fund by Hedley Thomas, The Australian

JULIA Gillard wrote in a formal application to establish an entity for her then client and boyfriend, union boss Bruce Wilson, that it was being formed for the purpose of achieving safe workplaces.

But during an internal investigation three years later by the partners of her law firm, following serious allegations that the entity had been used by Mr Wilson to misappropriate hundreds of thousands of dollars, Ms Gillard admitted it was a “slush fund” to raise cash for the re-election of union officials.

The discrepancy in the genuine purpose of the entity, the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association, at the time that it was established was not known to the West Australian government agency that had registered it in 1992.

Ms Gillard was questioned about it in a recorded and transcribed interview by the firm of Slater & Gordon, where she was a salaried partner, on September 11, 1995. She left her job soon after amid the partnership’s “very serious view” of her conduct.

In the interview, a transcript of which has been obtained by The Australian, Ms Gillard said the incorporated association was set up as a slush fund to hold re-election monies, instead of the alternative of having bank accounts in the names of individuals.

“It’s common practice, indeed every union has what it refers to as a re-election fund, slush fund, whatever, into which the leadership team puts money so that they can finance their next election campaign,” Ms Gillard said in the interview.

The listed objects of the association, which are set out in the formal rules that were written by Ms Gillard, do not state that the purpose is to fund elections for union officials. The rules instead emphasise purposes including the promotion of safer workplaces and skills training.

In the formal application for the association, Ms Gillard wrote that it was formed for the purpose of “development of changes to work to achieve safe workplaces”.

It can also be revealed that the West Australian government agency responsible for registering such entities questioned whether the union-linked association should be set up under different, more burdensome, legislation that applied to unions.

However, Ms Gillard provided assurances that it was legitimate. The Australian asked the Prime Minister yesterday if she was involved in the creation of a false document: namely, the application for the incorporation of the association.

A spokesman replied: “As the Prime Minister has repeatedly made clear, she was not involved in any wrongdoing.

“Any questions about this document should be addressed to the person who lodged and signed it, namely Ralph Blewitt.”

Mr Blewitt, a former union bagman and sidekick for Mr Wilson, was also Ms Gillard’s client from the AWU at the time.

He told The Australian this month that he had been involved in “sham transactions” and that he would talk to authorities in return for not being criminally prosecuted.

Read more here:






Julia Gillard did plenty wrong 17 years ago.

Ms Gillard keeps stating she did nothing wrong in relation to Mr Wilson.

This is a lie.

Failing to open a file for a whole year due to a lapse of memory is unbelievable and she appears to have created an entity for a purpose other that the stated purpose. She also did wrong by remaining blind to events she should have known were improper relating to the purchase of the house.

She may or may not have acted illegally, but she did plenty ‘wrong’.

Since then, she also mislead or lied about her departure from Slater & Gordon in her memoir, to her colleagues and the Australian voters, she took no responsibility for her misjudgement by failing to assist the police, and she has been complicit in covering up these circumstances for 17 years.

She has failed to take the opportunity as PM to assists those in the union and her colleagues like Robert McClelland who want to pursue the alleged criminals and recover the funds for the union. Worst of all she has instead misused her office as a Prime Minister, to have sacked two journalists over reporting this matter.

How’s this for “I’ve done nothing wrong”?

What is telling is that instead of feeling guilt over hiding Wilson from the partners and exposing them to great liability, Ms Gillard actually blamed Slater & Gordon partners for treated her shabily.

Judging on this Ms Gillard is in fact a compulsive liar a narcissist and possibly a borderline psychopathic personality.  Giarand someone who never ever takes responsibility.  Instead, she has advanced in her career by fooling one person after another and then whole Australia.

Slater & Gordon lost trust and confidence in Ms Gillard. The Australian people have done so again 17 years later.


appears to have a borderline personality disorder,

If not Australia, who does the Labor Government represent?

We’ve reached the point in Australia where complacency will be our demise.  Whose interests are the Labor/Green Government representing?  It’s become blindingly obvious they are not acting in the best interests of Australia.

Our prime agricultural land is being sold to foreign governments as part of their food security programs.  The food being produced on this land will not be sold in Australia; therefore these foreign interests will not be required to pay tax.  The Government sits idle as some of Australia’s best farmland is sold to international companies for mining coal and CSG.  To further highlight the insanity of this Government, the mining companies are not required to pay for their water use.  Unlike Australian farmers who must pay for their water entitlements.

This Government has demonstrated it has no understanding of the ramifications of their policy changes in the rush to keep the UN, environmental and Green groups happy. We can now sleep easy at night, knowing we now have the world’s biggest carbon tax and the world’s biggest marine park.  Both fit in with the UN’s Agenda 21 and will give Julia Gillard more chance for a seat on the Security Council.

” This is the biggest step forward the globe has ever seen,” Environment Minister Tony Burke said in Sydney on 14th June.  He continued, “We have decided to become the world leader in ocean protection. The jewel of the crown in the entire process goes to the Coral Sea.”

As a result of Tony Burke’s Marine Park, the Australian fishing industry will suffer and taxpayers will have to pay at least $100 million in fishing industry compensation.  No thought has been given to the detrimental economic effect on towns reliant on the fishing industry when commercial fishing is closed down.  At least Julia Gillard had something to talk about at the United Nations talkfest, Rio+20.

The Government has not considered that recreational and commercial fishers play a key role in overseeing activity on the Coral Sea and offered a form of protection against poachers.  With the implementation of the Marine Park legislation, there will be no-one to keep an eye on illegal fishing and Tony Burke’s policy will give the green light for poachers to move in, with potentially devastating effects on the pristine reefs.  Like the people smugglers, the poachers will be rubbing their hands together with glee at Australia’s stupidity.

Australian Environment Foundation executive director Max Rheese said, “The Coral Sea Marine Park would be detrimental to marine biodiversity because it would result in more seafood being harvested from heavily exploited Asian fisheries.”  Our Asian neighbour’s fishing grounds will be further depleted as we are forced to import more seafood and Australians will find it more difficult and expensive to buy local seafood.

The Marine Business website exposes Pew* for targeting the Australian lockouts while ignoring American waters – because it would harm the US economy:

Pew admits targeting Australia for lockouts

03 Jul 2012

THE US-based anti-fishing organisation Pew has admitted it pressured the Australian Government to lock anglers out of vast areas of the Coral Sea but would not take the same action in American waters because it would harm the US economy and disadvantage local fishermen.

The Pew comments have outraged Australian anglers, who stand to be seriously disadvantaged by federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s decision to support the American organisation’s sustained anti-fishing campaign.

The Pew campaign to lock-up the Coral Sea has resulted in Minister Burke proposing to ban all fishing in about 1.3 million square kilometres of water. Other closures proposed by Mr Burke include large areas off the southwest of WA and in South Australia.

The admission from Pew that it preferred to focus its lockout campaigns in non-American waters has confirmed suspicions held by local angling organisations that extremist environment groups like Pew sees Australia as an “easy target”.
Read the full story:

*The US based anti fishing organisation Pew was founded by Joseph Pew, founder of Sun Oil, and has assets of approximately $5 billion.  The 13 member board has 6 members of the Pew family.  The organisation was formed originally when the US felt at great risk of the nuclear attack and communist subversion in the Cold War era. Pew now focuses on such diverse areas as children’s dental health, global warming and ocean science.

Anne Easby

Why free media: Governments report their successes, newspapers their failures


I think we have forgotten the role of the free media, as we have never known the alternative. Commentators on the left such as Prof Sara Joseph at The Conversation, the Finkelstein and Leveson inquiries, have recently argued for government regulation of various sorts for fairer, more balanced, more quality journalism.

Well, we have government watchdog bodies  over companies, bank, shops and doctors. Who doesn’t want more quality journalism, I hear you say. These are desirable intentions.

The fatal flaw in these intentions is that, unlike any other business, newspapers are the watchdogs over the government. Governments report their successes, newspapers their failures. It is the free press that safeguards us our democracy, not elections.

Those wanting more regulation err by assuming that our Western governments are so entrenched in democracy, that there are so many checks and balances and government is so benevolent that our only concern is how to enhance government power to promotion of even more goodness against the perversion of the democratic process by private forces.

Yes, Australian governments have been more or less benevolent, and yes there is much money, influence and corruption from unrestrained private sector, especially in the US. But governments have also been doing more spinning, more hiding have been increasingly bold in their belligerence to anyone who opposes them, recently even starting to call it sabotage. And ultimately, as anyone who has lived under a totalitarian government knows, it is the unchecked government power that is truly dangerous, it took unrestrained governments, not private enterprises  to cause the real pogroms in our history.

You say totalitarianism is all ancient history? It’s scaremongering? Well, you don’t need to look in the distant past. Consider Greece who could have elected an extreme right or left government. What do you think that government would have done with power over media ownership, with power to enforce ‘fairness and balance’ in reporting. What do you think they would consider ‘fair’.

With the population increasingly distrustful and sceptical of their governments, now is the time to increase scrutiny of governments by the media, not of the media by the governments. After all, you can’t have the fox guarding the hen house, no matter how benevolent the fox may seem.


PS: Tony Abbot may want to threaten to keep any new Labor media controls rather than abolish them, and expand them to the ABC,  to ensure ‘balanced views’. That should make Labor think twice.

Roy Morgan: Labor:38.5% vs LNP 61.5% 2PP

(Graphic from Andrew Bolt’s Channel 10 show on 3 June 2012)

Labor, the most incompetent, toxic and morally corrupt government in Australia’s history.

Roy Morgan’s May 2012 poll result, on a two-party preferred basis according to a face-to-face Morgan Poll conducted last weekend, May 26/27, 2012. This is a record two-party preferred lead for the L-NP in over 70 years of the Morgan Poll based on how electors said they’d vote.

Labor wonders why Tony Abbott and LNP are negative. Maybe, just maybe it’s because they reflect Australian voter’s disgust with Labor’s corruption and incompetence.



Labor Hates Success


(It shows up their own culture of failures)

Labor hates success. When you and your ideology are a failures, utter miserable failures, your only chance is for all others to be even bigger failures. Thus Labor hates almost everything and everyone.

Labor hates our very own world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, our self-made mining magnate Clive Palmer and Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s with his real Aboriginal jobs scheme, our world’s biggest media magnate Rupert Murdoch, his successful News Ltd, and our successful million hits blogger and now TV presenter Andrew Bolt.

But Labor does not just hate a few people. Labor hates the entire mining industry, all the rich business management executives, our greedy bankers, big business, small business, convoying truckers, those living on Sydney’s North Shore, all Liberal voters and the 85% of Australians who are not union members. Labor hates the welfared middle class, the wealthy upper class and the aspirational self-employed working class. Labor hates foreign workers, unless they come by boat with no hope working.

Labor hates things as well, they hate private health insurance, private schools and business competition, anything that gives people choice and thus possibility of success without Labor’s control. Labor hates the Liberals, the Nationals and the Greens for being successful. Labor hates Truth, for not being under Labor’s control.

Labor even hates their own, Kevin Rudd.

But above all, what Labor really really hates most is ….Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott, the most successful opposition leader in our history; the ‘unelectable’ Tony, turning around a demoralised opposition into a de-facto government in opposition within a few months and effectively dispatching two Labor PM’s in 3 years. The Tony Abbott, who still stands despite Labor and their minion’s relentless hate campaign for 3 years. A man everything Labor is not – intelligent, principled, unifying, experienced, connected to voters and above all, successful.

In short, Labor hates all those who are a threat to their power, all those not dependent on their welfare, all those not wedded to their progressive intellectual pretence and those not dependent on Labor’s favours; in other words, all people whom they can’t control.

If you are reading this, Labor hates you!



Labor’s hypocricy gauge goes critical

Anthony “convoy of incontinence” Albanese wants a gentler kinder parliament:

If Tony Abbott is in a position, as he said after (Labor MP) Greg Wilton committed suicide all those years ago … he spoke about the need to have a kinder, gentler parliament,” Mr Albanese told ABC radio.

Well, all of us are in a position to deliver that, and I think we should be judged on what we do, rather than just what we say.”

Albanese and Labor want a gentler parliament?

You mean without Labor’s three years of daily barrage of vicious personal attacks on the Opposition Leader?

You mean without the bizarre vicious execution of their own leader, ‘psychopath’ Kevin Rudd, not once but twice?

But Thomson is not to be outdone in the hypocrisy stakes,  reaching new heights during his hour long delusional speech blaming all bar aliens for his corrupt behaviour documented in AFW’s 1100 pages,  claiming that not him, but Tony Abbott is “…not only is he unfit to be a prime minister; in my view, he is unfit to be an MP”.  Now you’d think  that this piece of psychological projection reaches the top of the Hypocrisy gauge, but no, you would be wrong. Thomson today outdoes his personal best in hypocrisy with an Olympic effort in complaining that “Mr Abbott was insincere when he said he had “sympathy” for him. “To say he has sympathy, and then to angrily call for me to resign in the same breath, shows just how insincere Mr Abbott is,“.

Picture Thomson as a man occupying the second highest office in our country, viciously kicking and beating Tony Abbott, Williamson, Jackson, FWA and every one else from behind parliamentary privilege as they all lie on the ground legally defenceless, while at the same time shouting leave me and my privileges alone, I am a poor defenceless victim.

For those arguing Abbott is causing Thomson grief, remember that any decent man would step aside or resign faced with 1100 pages of evidence against him and thus remove himself from the line of fire.  It is Gillard who insists Thomson remain a voting member, purely for her survival. It is Gillard who is forcing Thomson to remain exposed. And it is the public whose sanity is being tested by having their MP caught red-handed,  spend an hour telling them as good as that  aliens had done it, not him.

For those who say Parliament should not be judge and jury, they are using a straw man argument. Apart from the hypocrisy of this argument, what with previous attacks by Labor on Hollingworth and our army and Gillard’s removing Thomson’s carcass from Labor party after ‘crossing a line’, no one is asking the parliament to convict Thomson of a crime. The parliament has the duty to judge if a member is bringing the parliament into disrepute, if they have lost the confidence of the public. They have a duty to dissociate themselves from him and his vote. After all, I presume we have higher requirements for parliamentarians than just absence of a criminal conviction.

For those who argue let the poor man be and let legal proceedings take their course, they are forgetting that this legal course under FWA has been dragging on for 4 years – longer than the Nuremberg trials of Nazi criminals. During all this time, he has sat in the parliament and made laws governing you and me, our children, our businesses and our foreign affairs. It is clear that if pressure was not brought to bear as is being done now, he would have been re-endorsed and gone on escaping legal scrutiny perhaps indefinitely, the way other union official are want to do…a name Wilson comes to mind.

No, in this upside down Labor world, where No carbon tax means carbon tax, where a lying incompetent Gillard is PM and the most effective and connected Leader of the opposition is “not fit to be a parliamentarian”, where cabled NBN is the solution for a wireless world, where Labor’s epic serial failures on people smuggling is the fault of the opposition who had solved the problem and on and on, in this upside down world, Thomson is not the victim. He is not even an enigmatic Azaria Chamberlain case.  He is just a privileged grub escaping responsibility, nothing more than an Australian version of O.J. Simpson.

Jesus Christ could not atone for Labor’s failures

It frustrates me to read from both sides of politics constant speculation, how only if Labor would succeed in the latest legislation or political manoeuvre, the polls may bounce and the game is on again for the next election.

Do we not have a memory? Labor/Greens have raped and pillaged Australian polity, society and economy for over 4 years. They have saddled our children with a 250Bn debt with almost nothing to show for it, they have made us one of the most expensive countries for business and corrupted our government processes. They are the worst government in our history – and that is said by Labor supporters.

But commentators, even like Andrew Bolt, wait with baited breath to see if Labor succeeds in the latest one project, like the Budget or the the Disability Insurance Scheme, or if they find a new leader  – as if that might redeem them. You’ve got to be joking. What about the carnage in their wake? It’s like letting go a serial killer because he spared the life of his 25th victim. Or giving money again to Bernard Madoff because he decided to go legit.

Lest we forget, here is a list of Labor Failures since 2007, categorised by their nature and severity:



Here for the File.

No, if Jesus Christ himself came down to lead the Labor party, they would still deserve to be tossed out.


Tony Abbott May 2012 Budget Reply Speech


THE job, Madam Deputy Speaker, of every member of this parliament is to help shape a better Australia.

It’s to listen carefully to the Australian people, respect the hard-won dollars they pay in tax, do our honest best to make people’s lives easier not harder, and honour the commitments we make to those who vote for us.

If that’s how we discharge our duties as members of parliament, politics is an honourable calling, the public can respect their MPs and MPs can respect each other even when we disagree. More…

An excellent “light on the hill” speech. Abbott has all that Labor does not. Connection with the working family, integrity, leadership, vision and clear ability…and wisdom to not give Labor his policies mid-term.  Oh how the left already hate him….

As for giving us the ‘Vision’, Tony Abbott as a true conservatives want to give us the freedom to be individual, to persue our own idea of happiness and to create the society we want ourselves and not rely on the government to decree what society should be like. But for many, it is already too late…they are dependent clients of the government, expecting all to be supplied to them, including how they should live their life: