Why is the world’s middle class turning left

.The world’s middle classes appear to be are increasingly turning left and green. Greens,are increasingly supported by wealthy middle class instead of hair-shirt hippies despite their increasing obvious watermelonness, i.e. green on outside and red underneath. That is a question that woke me up today.

I can only assume it is because of an increasing sense of dissatisfaction with their purposeless uber-free consumerist existence. I recommend you watch the BBC series ‘The Men who made us Spend’.  Around the 20’s, the marketing industry changed us from purchasing for need to purchasing for want, and our want, unlike our need, is easily manipulated by advertising and social pressure, thus hey presto, consumerist society. In the 1970’s they peeled children away from parental control and made them into the ideal impulsive consumers, and in the nineties, they got adults to release their inner child, and made them into child-like impulsive consumers, in the process infantilising our society.

But our wants are primarily narcissistic and the internet social media has just put narcissism on steroids. We work to get luxury lifestyle, buy luxury goods, experience luxury services and about half of us, make luxury children.in luxury schools. We are free, free from responsibilities for our health, our welfare, our parents, increasingly our children, and free from social groups and moral obligations. But this freedom also means we become without purpose. There is no personal tyranny to fight, no personal real injustice. So we invent sleights against us, perceive unjust inequalities at work, in wealth, sexism, racism, bullying or in desperation just simply borrow causes, such as saving polar bears.

But we are largely alone in our luxury and freedom, and without a existential or moral purpose. Politically, on the political right is more consumerism, spiritually, religion is increasingly hard to believe, hypocritical, irrelevant not having moved with the times and now child molesting. Socially, family is disintegrated, nationalism has been vilified since WWII, leaving intact only minority cultural groupings.

So where to go for purpose, for moral sustenance, for company?

The only place is the moral green movement and the moral left, preaching against consumerism and capitalism, from the comfort of your favorite fair trade Starbucks cafe. Joining is easy, costless, and socially rewarding and safe, thanks to the left’s aggressive projection of their brand onto the population in the form of political correctness, and their vilification of any competing moralities.

Except that the left and the greens are serious about destroying our pluralist western capitalist society and installing totalitarianism, the latter because of course, people may not be happy with their luxuries and freedom, but they are even more unhappy without them. And to borrow a phrase, our free capitalist society is the worst system, except for all the others – it may benefit from modification, but not destruction.

What to do to turn around the leftward march towards misanthropic totalitarianism.

Well, I don’t know now, but I will give it some thought for a few days and return.

A little perspective, please

Tony Abbott has hit rock bottom.

Not because of turning too Right.

Because he has not prosecuted a clear, rational, Liberal and Libertarian message with conviction, force and clarity.

Because he has disappointed his Liberal base as well as the middle ground, which hoped for a clear leadership.

I too have been disappointed, and as a jilted lover, am angry.

But for all the gloating lefties, a bit of perspective:

An Abbott government at its disappointing worst is still by far the better government compared to the past 6 years of Labor malignant mis-governance.

Tony Abbott is intelligent, and has the benefit of having friends in his political base, if not among his staff, who have fearlessly told him the truth.

He is changing and will change.

He will lead Australia to victory over unreason.

Runaway institutions – is too much of a good thing killing western societies?

It appears to me our society is being destroyed by our very institutions created to improve it. How so?

Powerful forces need checks and balances, otherwise they can runaway and cause disaster. In biology, predatos have controlling predators themselves, in our bodies, our immune system has turn-off pathways before it damages our own body, as does our blood clotting cascade, otherwise a clot in a cut would propagate throughout your circulation. Armies have civil controls to make them stop fighting and return to barracks, and spy agencies have watchers watching the watchers.

When these self-limits go missing, predators multiply and destroy local ecological balance, immune system overshoot or attack the body itself as allergies and autoimmune diseases, clots cause heart attacks, armies take over governance and spies create police states.

Many of our moral social institutions however seem unconstrained by design, I guess, perhaps because we consider that you can never have enough morality. The environmental movement, human rights laws, anti-discrimination and the social justice organisations, all seem to grow and grow, the bar always moved downwards so the problems remain dire and so their mandate is never diminished, the job never done, the workers never made redundant.

You can see a life cycle in these benevolent institutions: they start from committed reformers of a genuine problem, grow to become powerful evangelists successfully ameliorating the problem, even if often at disproportionate cost to taxpayer or industry, and finally, with little of the pressing problem left, becoming zealots searching and cleansing ever smaller immorality, ever slightest imperfection. This is natural, for no organisation with power is inclined to disband or moderate its machinery once its aim is largely achieved.

Examples are a legion:

Green organisations, having achieved clear skies, clean waterways and preserved forests in the west, delve into ever more protections, more locked up parks, even if it may cause fiercer bushfires, more social engineering to make all wear their hair shirts and endless politics of social justice that goes with it.

Climate change is probably the worst concrete example. It started in the 80’s from a reasonable concern over climate warming effects of CO2, combined with green-socialist ideology to grow into a socio-political juggernaut, raising billions with frightening apocalytic visions well ahead of the scientific evidence. When scientific evidence and observations even the public can see finally counters the apocalyptic message, the climate change institutions, now a socio-politico-industrial behemot laden with a rent-seeking green industry and unstoppable, never mind the original problem or the science. The cartoon saying “what if climate change is a hoax and we end up building a better world for nothing” is the unwitting proof of the runaway cause –

In the US, the EPA, having helped clean up particulate air pollution matter, has created the next pollutant scare of ozone, regulating ever lower limits that even national parks would not achieve. The benefits are ever smaller – with ozone not so much deaths or disease, but episodes of cough and allegedly asthma exacerbation, while estimated to cost over $1 Trillion.

Government departments of all kinds from departments for social inclusion to Antartic animal ethics committee are the obvious examples, some having had perhaps a purpose at the beginning, but ever expanding, rarely solving the issue so they can just keep growing in the face of the problem.

European regulations RoHS, REACH, and others, after successfully prohibiting known toxic substances, maintain their relevance every 6 months by adding an ever growing list of minor toxic materials, or even non-toxins, which might be toxins in the future, so called ‘candidates’ for demonstrated toxicity in the future.

Medical device regulations are ever increasing in reach and their diminishing returns in risk reduction, finally reaching its absurd conclusion with latest ISO14971 Risk Management standard, removing concept of acceptable risk and all considerations of costs and practicalities in eliminating risks in equipment. For the absurdity of this idea, go no further than the imposing governments themselves – they of course, accept all manner of risks to their citizens, based on limited funds and priorities. A perfectly safe device may never eventuate and will be affordable except to a few.

Racial equality movement and anti-discrimination laws are also never satisfied, job never done. After triumphantly outlawing slavery, racial and other discrimination of any kind, does it take a breather and celebrate its success? Not on your Nelly. The equality is never equal enough, the offense never slight enough to tolerate, now outlawing of merely giving offense through Sec18C. The movement has only grown, backed by an army of twitter vanity moralists, attacking for the slightest offense, even destroying an 13 year old for an innocent sporting barrack. Finally, the discrimination-eliminating task is not done, until it is turned the other way around, in the form of affirmative action, now discriminating in favor of perceived victim groups (and thus against all other groups).A lot of good this has done to the blacks in US and Aboriginies in Australia.

Feminism has not escaped the institutional zombification. Starting from universal suffrage, right to work and equal pay for equal work, and when achieved, growing into affirmative action calling for quotas in top job for women, Aboriginies and eventually, presumably for all minority groups that can shout loud enough. Now, a new breed of Feminazis now are calling out misogyny at the smallest slight. Prime minister Abbott was a misogynist for looking at his watch during one of Gillard’s more vacuous speeches. A scientists, in the moment of his triumph in landing a probe on a comet 300 million miles away, instead of accolades, received hate from feminist social media for the offense wearing a Hawaiian shirt with silhouettes of nudes. That is from the same feminist movement that is silent of FGM.

If our society were a human organism, it would be being ravaged by advanced multiple sclerosis, paralyzed by its own protective systems attacking its nerves, its eyes and its thoughts. I suggest that all moral causes, NGO’s and benevolent organisations need a good hard look at what they started out to do and what they are doing now; whether they have reached their use by date and whether they are now looking for work and damaging our society in the process. Equally importantly, new moral causes must define a realistic goal, and a plan for an exit strategy and not be allowed to become runaway institutions.


The ABC folks are just ‘educating’ us

SHOWPIECE ABC news and current affairs programs are failing to pull strong audiences, ­according to ratings data released in response to senate estimates committee questioning. 

The ABC has long lost touch with the mainstream public, but to them the public has lost touch with them. Why? To fix the ABC, we must first understand it.

The ABC staff don’t hide that they see their mission as ‘civilizing’ and educating Australia, something that most of the population would not pay for and thus commercial networks will never deliver.

They are partly right in this.
And indeed I do want to see informative docos and quality programs free of ads.

Consequently, as an educator, the ABC sees its duty to not necessarily reflect public opinion, but to correct and create the right public opinion.

Their duty is not just present news, but to present it in a way to help viewers derive the correct meaning from the news.

Their duty is not to present both sides of a debates regardless of right and wrong, but to favor the correct side of the debate so as not to mislead the public that the wrong side has equal weight.

Their duty is not even to present the truth, if knowing the truth may cause harm to the population, but to present the issue in a responsible way, even if it involves bending the truth.

Their duty is also to counteract the relentless pressure of commercial interests via advertising, via influence on commercial media and by government lobbyists, with the pure public spiritedness of the ABC.

Finally, their responsibility is to educate the Australian public to elect ‘responsible’ caring governments, ones not beholden to capitalist greed and, of course, governments who will safeguard the ABC’s critical mission.

You see?
They are not evil, they are just helping us.

The problem of course is that, they are a cabal of raving lunatic leftists.

So, as leftists and unlike conservatives, they believe that they have the ultimate truth. They believe that their audience needs to be convinced of the truth, that once all see the truth, society will be better for it and thus any opposing views are evil. I.e. they are benevolent totalitarians.

Root cause?
University capture by ‘never grew up’ leftist academics and self selection of benevolent ‘service to society’ types into journalism.

The solution?
These ABC people can’t change. You can’t make them say what they believe is wrong and evil.

Maybe restructure, spill all positions halve the budget and start again.

Maybe remove all news and current affairs from the ABC and contract them to commercial stations. Then we just have to watch climate catastrophism and their eco-totalitarianism.

Tony Abbott – perceptive comment on attempt to break up UK

“What the Scots do is a matter for the Scots and not for a moment do I presume to tell Scottish voters which way they should vote,” Mr Abbott said.

“As a friend of Britain, as an observer from afar, it’s hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland.

“I think that the people who would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom are not the friends of justice, the friends of freedom, and the countries that would cheer at the prospect … are not the countries whose company one would like to keep.”

You should see the vitriol against Abbott on the ABC story comments – too stupid or biased to understand even the simpler concepts of Abbott’s thoughtful analysis.

Firstly, unlike the leftist useful idiots, Abbott has a global perspective of liberal West vs illiberal East and Asia (like it or not, lefties, it’s a simple  fact). In this context, those wanting to divide the western countries into ever smaller and weaker countries are ‘no friends of freedom’ in weakening what remains of western liberal countries.

Secondly, there was significant bullying by the Yes campaigners – people and business were saying they were afraid to oppose it – and the poll result certainly supports this. This was not a good way to start a free country.

It’s the high achievers, stupid

 6 September 2014:

So before we dig into the bucketful of complaints about the first year of the Abbott government, consider the quality of the people who sit on its benches.

For starters, there are three Rhodes Scholars: Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Angus Taylor.

Two more ministers have degrees from Oxford University: George Brandis, QC, and Josh Frydenberg, who has the added distinction of a Masters degree from Harvard University. Two other MPs also have Masters from Harvard, among the seven MBAs, two MPAs and four PhDs on the government benches. Two more have Masters of Philosophy from Cambridge.

Fulbright scholar Greg Hunt has an MA from Yale to add to his BA and LLB from the University of Melbourne, with honours. Former WA treasurer and attorney-general Christian Porter, a one-time prosecutor who arrived in 2013’s record intake of MPs, has an impressive four degrees, including a Master of Science in Political Theory from the London School of Economics where he topped his class. And he’s a mere backbencher.

Three government MPs are medical doctors, including Dr David Gillespie, a gastroenterologist who won independent Rob Oakeshott’s old seat of Lyne. He is also a farmer, one of 16 in government.

There are at least 30 solicitors and barristers, and five former police officers, including Jason Wood, once a Detective Senior Sergeant in Victoria’s organised crime squad and counter-terrorism unit.

Luke Simpkins also was an officer with the Australian Federal Police and an Army officer of 14 years. Senator David Fawcett had 22 years as an Army officer and RAAF test pilot, and has a science degree and an MBA.

Another humble backbencher is Brigadier Andrew Nikolic, possessor of two master’s degrees, with wartime roles in Afghanistan and Iraq as chief of staff and deputy commander and a post as UN Military Observer in Israel, Syria and South Lebanon.

These are just some of the high achievers representing us on the government benches. They could be earning a lot more money with a lot less scrutiny and scorn than they get in parliament….

I knew Tony Abbott was a Rhodes Scholar, but did not realize the caliber of the LNP MPs. A most uplifting and hope-inspiring article by Miranda.

Abbott victory achieved – our job is done…..

Abbott Victory


With the election on 7 Sept 2013 of Tony Abbott and the Liberals, the rein of the most malevolent incompetents government in our history is over!

We have a government of adults who have an unenviable task of repairing 6 years of destruction of institutions of government, our economy and our society. Lets hope they are up to it and politics can return to working for the country and not union factions.

Thanks you for your support and good night for now…..


Why is this Labor government the worst in our history

4 Nov 2012

This government is the worst of worst governments in the history of Australia.

It is a government of ignorant union thugs, the front bench comprising 70% ex-unionists and union officials, treating Australia like a union, to be used and abused, lied to and remain unaccountable to, for their own power trips and advancement, complete with sleaze, vicious in-fighting, political assassinations and corruption.

It is a government of corrupted individuals, including Julia Gillard, a pathological liar and disgraced lawyer, evidently let go by her law firm for misconduct, who would have been most likely disbarred had she not hidden her actions, Craig Thompson who has been protected for 4 years by this government from being properly investigated for pretty obvious fraudulent use of union funds for prostitutes and other uses activities, Mike Williamson, ex Labor Party president now charged with over 40 charges of fraud, and recently Peter Slipper ejected by Liberals for impropriety and sleaze but by Labor’s low  standards, a man of integrity and suitable to the highest office of speaker.

It is a corrupting government, disrespecting and destroying the integrity and impartiality of our democratic institutions, including the tendering processes exemplified by Australian broadcasting tender, the treasury which has become for hire for government propaganda, the judiciary which it attacked and tried to influence over the Malaysia deal,dismantling of the Construction Industry watchdog.

It is a government undermining our democracy, with its attacks on the freedom and independence of press which Julia Gillard has made fire two journalists for investigating her earlier career impropriety and which it has tried intimidate and hobble with the Finkelstein Media inquiry, its attacks on our respect for and freedom of speech and of protest against government misdeeds, which it has attacked and ridiculed repeatedly as with terms like trucker’s convoy of incontinence, shock jocks, right wing extremists and the like.  It has conscripted and favoured social media front organisations like GetUp, funded by unions and destroythejoint to misrepresent themselves as grassroot campaigns and intimidate opposing voices.

It has damaged our democracy by the lowest debasement of our political debate into a never ending brutal gutter personal vilification campaigns of opposition leader, Mr Abbott and Newman. It has depraved the “whatever it takes” Labor mantra to such vile, that its originator, Labor icon Graham Richardson has disowned this government’s tactics.

But perhaps the biggest damage has been its normalisation of election lies and broken election promises during elections. It has broken so much faith with the electorate, so often, that we have resigned ourself to it, powerless to change it. “There shall be no carbon tax” is but one, others like we will stop the boats, reduce business taxation, produce a surplus in 2013, we are Howard lite. Elections will be meaningless if governments do not feel bound by the promises they make. That nearly half the population still votes for Labor/Greens after so many lies indicates they will tolerate lying government, as long as they are lying in this group’s favour.

It is a monumentally incompetent government, with virtually every program and initiative it has attempted failing, typically spectacularly and often lethally and too numerous to list here but progressively documented here.

It is a dishonest government, partly because its members exhibit no integrity and no shame, partly because it is so incompetent that it has no other means to cling onto power that to defend itself from valid criticism by deflection, distraction, baseless counter-attack, outrageous spin and outright lying. This government has no standard of parliamentary conduct, no threshold of disrepute or incompetence that might shame a member into resigning a portfolio or his seat – only the absolutely lowest legal safeguard against criminals governing us will be obeyed out of necessity – proven criminal activity with jail sentence more than 1 year.  No amount of shame, lethal incompetence, disrepute or hypocrisy will disqualify Labor members. Just like with unions.

It is a totalitarian minded government, through its viscous demonization of any critics and any dissenting voices, its arrogant attempts at dominant central authoritarian governance over states, its undermining of free speech and democracy and its cutting secret deals with large corporations like the miners. It

It is an economically illiterate and damaging government, criticised by economists and now virtually all business organisation, having no idea how national wealth is created and maintained, killing producers with ideological thought bubble governance like the $43Bil NBN, subsidies to favourite unionised industries, paying off unions with productivity killing union-friendly industrial relation. It is an irrational, sovereign risk causing government with ill considered snap live export bans, snap super taxes, and superannuation meddling, only sucking the economy dry to bribe the electorate and pay off supporters in the Greens and rent-seekers.

It is an evilly divisive government, pitting one Australian against another and destroying social harmony,  all just to hang on to power. It has started a class war between the poor and the rich, a race war with a riot between aboriginies and Liberals and most recently a sex war of feigned misogeny, all merely to distract the electorate and villify its opponents.

It is a government at war with Australians. Never in our history has a government gone to war with the Australian people, but this Labor has viciously attacked almost every segment of the population, including big corporations, small business, conservatives, the army, the supreme court, newspapers, peaceful protesters, climate change sceptics, libertarians, shock jocks, their own partners Greens, and their own party members in a most vicious demolition of an ex-priminister, Kevin Rudd, describing him amongst other things as a psychopath, deranged, having no Labor values,  intemperate and having lost his way.

It is a government in an indulgent war with itself.  Despite the old adage that in politics, disunity is death, this government has been tearing itself apart throughout its term, with scheming and faceless men knifing a prime minister with resulting civil war between Rudd and Gillard. It has been tearing apart its coalition with the Greens and betrayed and conflicted with the independents, all held together not for the country but just to cling onto power.

It is a stupid, naive and childlike government, not having had to concede Carbon Tax to the greens in the first place and most of their disasters being of their own doing, out of sheer stupidity and lack of foresight.



Gillard’s three wars against Australians

Julia Gillard is quite the warrior…against her own country.

  • She has started Class Warfare – against the rich
  • She started Race Warfare – with a race riot against Abbott
  • She started Gender Warfare – against all men and particularly Abbott.

Gillard will destroy all our social capital and harmony to stay in power. Economic damage we can repair quickly , social dysharmony seeded by her may take longer.

The AWU Scandal – Things Ms GILLARD did wrong

Mike Smith News.com list even more clearly my thesis that Gillard’s “I did nothing wrong” is a clear lie.

  1. Sleeping with your client.   Lawyers are like doctors.   Years of experience have produced lessons we can all learn from.   One of them is “don’t sleep with your client”.  It’s bad when
    the client is a person paying the bills themselves.   It’s worse when the client is the boss of an organisation paying the bills with other people’s money.   To make it easier, lawyers don’t have to rely on their own judgement.   The Law Society and the Law make it clear.   It
    is wrong.
  2. Passing off.  I can’t set up an airline and call it Qantas.   That name is taken.    It would be wrong for a Telstra manager’s girlfriend to set up the Telstra Accounts Receivable Association and pass it off as a Telstra entity.   But Julia GILLARD wrote on the 2 forms that
    set up the AWU Workplace Reform Association.  She wrote out the name Australian Worker’s Union.   She is an officer of the court.   It’s pretty basic.
  3. Giving advice to break the law or union rules.   The AWU-WRA’s application was fraudulent.   It told lies about itself.   Ms GILLARD  was setting up a slush fund but she told the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner it was a workplace reform association.   Ian Cambridge’s affidavit sets out the union rules that the Association broke.   Lawyers
    should not advise clients to break the law or the rules of their employer.   Particularly clients with whom they are sleeping.
  4. The relationship with Wilson from 1991 to 1995 was close.   People in close relationships observe each other closely.   That’s the nature of close relationships.    Bruce’s official income was a union official’s pay.  He had a wife and 2 children to support in Perth.   His lifestyle in Melbourne was curious.   A satisfactory explanation to the questions about visible means of support is found in the bank statements of the AWU-WRA.   Lots of cash came out.   It’d be hard to miss.  It is probably wrong not to ask question.
  5. The Power of Attorney?   Ms GILLARD supervised the donation of Ralph Blewitt’s power of attorney to Bruce Wilson.  By 1993 communications technology had developed to include the post and facsimile machines.   It was a curious thing, the need for an able bodied young man, who frequently availed himself of air travel, to donate his complete power of attorney to his boss the boyfriend and client WILSON.   It doesn’t seem right.   And then Wilson used that Power of Attorney to sign Blewitt up for $150K in borrowings from his girlfriend’s law firm.
  6. The whole purchase of Kerr Street Fitzroy has wrongness written all over it.  The path used by dubious characters to launder unlawfully obtained money into real property that can be spoken of in polite circles is a well-trodden one.   Astute lawyers are a wake-up to it. Bruce and Ms GILLARD went to the auction.  Bruce signed the papers.  It turns out he was doing a love job for Blewitt, because Bruce bought the joint for Blewitt.   And Julia’s firm was engaged on the spot to do the legal legwork.   A prudent lawyer in the circumstances might have enquired about Blewitt’s capacity to repay the loan advanced to him, particularly given that Blewitt was committing to the loan and the purchase on Bruce’s say so, using the Power of Attorney.   The firm might have sought a bank opinion.   Or enquired about the source of the funds to complete the sale.  The firm might have noted the $67,772.30 cheque drawn on the Association set up for free.   And the clause in the Association’s rules that said said, “no part of the property of income of the Association may be distributed to members directly or indirectly.”  Just wrong.
  7. Failing to advise the union of the AWU-WRA.   Bruce was advised in writing on  4 August 1995 of the union’s intention to bring charges against him and to refer his conduct to police.   Ms Gillard of Slater and Gordon continued to provide legal advice to him.   The conflict of interest in her personal relationship was then intense.   She was aware of the AWU-WRA but did nothing to advise the union of it.   She admitted as much to her partners in the 11 September departure interview.  That is shameful.

Read the whole post:

One Commenter asks the right questions:

Your best post yet Michael. Bravo!

She says she did nothing wrong. So let’s turn it into a series of questions in the present tense. Would Ms Gillard recommend any lawyer act in these ways today? Can she really continue to say, “I did nothing wrong”.

* Is it RIGHT to sleep with your client?
* Is it RIGHT to incorporate a false organisation using the name of another organisation without it’s knowledge and permission? Isn’t that deception? Does it matter less or more if the offended organisation is a notable client of your own law firm in which you are a partner?
* Is it RIGHT to deceive a state government about the purpose of an organisation you set up?
* Is it RIGHT to be involved in the purchase and conveyance of a house where funds are used from a false organisation (that you helped set up) against it’s own rules but in favour of a person you are sleeping with? Do four wrongs make a right?
* Is it RIGHT for you and your law firm not to tell your client about misappropriation of funds by a person you are sleeping with through a false organisation that you helped set up, after the misappropriation was discovered by your law firm and you were “released” from the firm due to this issue? (How many wrongs are there in that one, I’ve lost count?)

Keep it up Michael and the rest of you battlers out there. Truth matters.

Posted by: Ian Davidson | Wednesday, 05 September 2012 at 12:04 PM